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Common Real Estate Photography Mistakes To Avoid

After our last blog about real estate photography, I’m sure you’re facing some problems in taking photos. Yeah, that’s why today I’m gonna share some real estate photography mistakes with you. The real estate business has become very popular nowadays. That’s why many photographers are struggling just to make a perfect photo. Because it turns out every single business is owning a page. So it’s very very important to take a good & polished photo.

What Is Real Estate Photography?

The Concept Of Real Estate Photography

It almost pains me to say the truth. The sad truth. Because, no matter how hard photographers are trying, you’ll see real estate photography mistakes everywhere. Although these mistakes aren’t seen with naked eyes. There’s a term named ‘professional’, you know? Too much harsh light, unwanted reflections, sky color, property colors, etc facts are very important in real estate photography.

The point is, certain photographers who only take photos of buildings and properties, are real estate photographers. These photographers only take photos of properties. So that the agents can sell them at a good rate. You can also call this one kind of landscape photography.

For what’s it worth, the demand for real estate photography is rising continuously! Because we all know the population has grown. Besides, everyone prefers modern city life now. So, of course, you’ll need a place to stay. That’s how this photography became popular.

Some Common Mistakes In Real Estate Photography:

In this blog, we’ll talk about every common and uncommon mistake that photographers make. There will be many facts, so, fasten your seatbelt.

Shooting Without A List:
Don’t Shoot Without A-List

Among all the photography subjects, this one will give you the slightest time to prepare for the shot. Because the agents are always on a tight schedule. So, they’ll act restless until you give them the property photos to make a listing. Whatever it looks like, going to photoshoot something without a shot list is totally unprofessional. No matter how much tight the schedule is, never go without a shot list.

Why? Because it’ll save you from complete disasters. Disasters like missing the photo of a certain portion of a property. Or taking photos of the same portion from the same angle.

Ignoring The Balance Of Light:
Balance The Lights

Did you ever think about the photo colors? That way the natural lights look blue in the photos? Or the lamp light orange? It’s because of the color balance. So, it’s already something you can see, can’t you? Color balance can make or break your photos.

What you can do to balance the color is to turn off all the inner lights and take photos with the natural lights from the window. No, your photos won’t get dark. Moreover, you’ll get some good photos. And if you want to highlight some part or focus on some particular part of the property, use strobes. This powerful source of light will let you take photos as same as it is in reality. That’s what you want, right?

Focus On The Irrelevant Items:
The Other Things Are Focusing Much

This is one of the biggest real estate photography mistakes. And somehow, everyone does this because they think they’re improving and polishing their property photos. For example, the eye-soothing site on the outside of the window. Or the luxurious furniture, delicious and colorful fruits on the dining tabletop.

Do you know why these things are not relevant? Because these things aren’t for sale or people can’t have them when they intend to buy that property. And the worst part is your audience already knows that these items are only for advertisements. So, why not keep it simple? Take photos with a focus that has a real value in the marketplace. Trust me, you’ll get called again from the same company. Avoid these hilarious real estate photography mistakes.

Ignoring The Market Demands:

The fact of listening to your audience is pretty important everywhere. And in real estate photography, it’s more important. Because you’ll get offers to take a certain number of photos within a certain amount of time.

So, the point is the demand of your clients and your service package should have a balance. Meaning, if most of the real estate agencies go for 30 photos from each photo shoot, then your service package should include 30 photos. If you ignore the market, maybe your competitor will get all the offers!

Don’t Get Too Cocky:

Many photographers raise their level of hope way too high after getting one or two expensive offers. And I think it’s one of the primary real estate photography mistakes I’ve ever seen. Self-confidence is definitely welcomed. But that doesn’t mean you have nothing else to learn and grow a little more.

Many newbie real estate photographers decline photography offers that offer them fewer dollars. Or the property is less expensive. Take offers enough to polish up your skills. Remember, even the sharpest knife gets rusted if it is not used.

Ignoring The Whole Post-Processing Section:
Real Estate Photo Editing

This is the most common real estate photography mistakes. Because many photographers refuse to edit their photos after the photo shoot. Maybe because they think their photos are way too perfect to edit. Whereas they’re completely wrong. This is why many newbie real estate photographers leave their photography and do general jobs.

If you want to do the whole post-processing on your own, you can do it by batch processing. So that you don’t have to change the presets for each of the photos. Or if you don’t wanna go through that hassle, you can leave the burden to a professional photo editing company. Trust me, your photos won’t get much attention if not edited.

Don’t Catch Flash Shadows:
Avoid Shadows

Never make this mistake. What mistake. Never cast a flash in the interior part of a property. Why? Because using flash directly into a house can leave harsh shadows in your real estate photos.

So, what to do? Why not use natural light? Because photographing real estate properties in daylight is an unwritten rule in real estate photography. So, use that to your advantage. or you can create bracketed exposures.

Ignoring The Property Release:

This is one of the biggest real estate photography mistakes I’ve seen so far. Why? Because you’re putting everything into your project and yet you don’t get to share these photos on your portfolio. And why is that? Maybe you forgot about the property release?

A property release is very important for you. Because if you don’t get it you can’t show your works on your portfolio or on social media. It’s professional about it with your client at the beginning.

Don’t Close The Windows:
Keep The Windows Open

I know I keep repeating this fact again & again. But sunlight is like, your best friend in real estate photography. So never close the windows when you go for a photo shoot. Or the space will look like a haunted place full of flash lighting.

Talk Clearly With Your Client:

When you discuss the issues and facts with your client, make sure you inform your demand about the place. Meaning, how you want it to look at the day of shooting. Make sure your client meets your demand. Surely, you can’t photograph a messy property, can you?

So, give your client the necessary pointers to make the property more eye-soothing for the customers.

Well, I hope that was enough. These real estate photography mistakes are frequently being seen in almost 95% of property photos. So, now that you know about these mistakes, I’m sure you’ll avoid them. And take gorgeous photos. Oh, another thing, never works for free. It may give you a long list of clients. But you’ll get nothing in return. Moreover, working for free means you’re not valuing your own work. And never spend all the income on buying photographing tools.

Moreover, to use the income on a good expense like quality post-processing for your photos. It’ll help you to focus on another side of your business. Also, you don’t have to shade sweats to make photos look polished. Besides, taking help from professional editors doesn’t take that many dollars. Why don’t you try Clipping Amazon‘s professional help?

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