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Rule Of Thirds In Photography

Is it possible that pro photographers get the best shot always? And how do they get perfect photos? They have the required knack and follow specific guidelines of photography. We have a rule of thumb and the rule of thirds when it comes to photography. What matters in photography is the final result, but how you take it carries a lot.

Before posting a photo on any platform, it undergoes a lot of edits. To bring out the best in photography you need to know the tricks. The rule of thirds is a trick that makes your photo stand out.

Composition is one of the most basic things to do in photography. By following the rule of thirds, you can take great photographs. Let’s get to the bottom to learn more.

What Is The Rule Of Thirds?


Good photography has more to do with technical skills, excellent eye, and practice than just camera equipment. The Rule of Thirds in photography is a technique that divides your frame into a three-by-three grid with two horizontal lines and two vertical lines. 

You have to place the subject on the left-thirds or right-thirds of the frame by the Rule of Thirds. The frame should align with your main subject in mind. Or the potential points of interest to create a balanced and visual image.

The rule of thirds grid can be visual on the screen of many digital cameras. An eccentric composition is more eye-pleasing than placing the subject in the middle of the frame according to the idea. It spurs you to use the negative space around your subject in a creative way.

Working Method?


The human eye looks at points beyond the middle of the image. There are points on the rule of thirds grid. In cultures where people read from left to right, they also read images in that way. The upper left part of an image is more likely to be missed than the lower right part.

The viewer only looks at the intersection points. So, you can balance your image by placing points of interest. There is tension, energy, and interest within the photograph. The subject’s eyes are the most important point in a portrait.

Practicing Photography With The Rule:


Practice is the best thing. So, you can practice the rule of thirds to improve your skills. Here is a list of some tips by professionals.

  1. Practicing with this rule: Turn on the grid so you can see what you’re doing. With its help, you can see good results during photography.
  2. Take a rule of thirds field trip: Try to take multiple pictures that are in line with the rule of thirds model at a park or somewhere. Because the more you practice the more you get perfect.
  3. Keep focused on your eyes: Before you start shooting, choose where you want your point of focus to be.

Applying Rule Of Thirds In Portrait:


From the above portrait, we know that no human face is symmetrical, from celebrities to models all have their flaws, but it is the photographer who gives out the best final picture.

  • The rule of thirds is a good way to get symmetrical versions of portraits. Let’s see how to use it.
  • The contents should be positioned on one of the intersecting points.
  • The object should be positioned along the lower-thirds grid line to make it appear natural.
  • The viewer can be drawn into the portrait by angling the content toward the opposite empty quadrants.
  • There should be no critical information in the middle of the image if you shoot a horizontal one.

Rule Of Thirds In Landscape:


The Rule of Thirds brings balance to most photography. So, there is the Rule for landscape –

  • The horizon line should be positioned along the lower third of the grid to draw the viewer to the sky above.
  • To create a sense of proximity position, the horizon is along the upper third.
  • You can create a focal point by placing a natural feature on one of the intersecting points.

Rule Of Thirds While Editing:


The rule of thirds can also be applied when you are editing the photo that is when you are reframing it.

You don’t need any additional software or apps to get this done. Just use the grid that you gave in your editing software and make the adjustments you need to align the grid lines with the lines of the image.

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