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6 Best SEO Tools For Your Website Auditing And Monitoring

Anything that is free sounds awesome. Right? And if that free thing offers free professional services for your website or blog, that’s even better. I know! So, in this blog, I’ll write down the 6 best SEO tools that are free for sure. Also, these free SEO tools are very website-friendly for auditing your audience and monitoring their behavior. In short, you can add something free but valuable to your website after this blog.

What Is An SEO Tool?

Well, when we say tools, a picture of something heavy and metallic comes to our mind. But SEO tools are not as those tools. These are online tools. And these tools work silently. Mainly, SEO Tools are made for monitoring potential web pages so that if the webpages get a position in the search bar. That is to say, these tools help web pages to get ranked in the search bar.

As we all know, SEO means Search Engine Optimization. So, an SEO tool means a tool that does the job of SEO.

When you write an article or a blog post, there are way too many factors. Factors that are responsible for ranking in the search bar. If your SEO goes wrong for any reason, your website may get even banned forever! That’s why SEO plays an invisible but very important role in building a website or webpage. The complete process of SEO may seem too elaborate. But if you get to win the game with professional SEO play, you’ll be golden.

6 Best SEO Tools:

Now hold tight! Because the tools I’m gonna mention right now, are very easy to use, powerful and effective for your website, and of course free.

1. Google Search Console:
Google Search Console

If you’re a business owner or a digital marketer, then you can pull some strings through this SEO tool. This tool helps you with your SEO and website analysis. This tool monitors your website and debugs it. Above all, this tool optimizes your website. The very best feature of this SEO tool is that it doesn’t require any coding knowledge. So, anyone can work with Google Search Console.

but mainly, it is widely used because-

  • It will show you the keywords on your website that are currently on ranking.
  • This tool is very mobile-friendly, which means you can use this tool with your mobile too.
  • If any of your web pages are not indexed in google, you can submit that page into its URL inspection tool to get indexed in google.
  • It also crawls out if there is an error in your webpage.
  • lastly, this tool helps you by providing important information about your audience. Like the number of clicks, average CTR, impressions.
2.Google Analytics:
Google Analytics

This is another spectacular SEO tool. Okay in spite of its being a free version, it also has a paid version. But don’t worry, without the free option in you can pull the nicest stories you’ll pull off to it. You can ask for regular Information from google analytics.

Other reasons for using Google Analytics are-

  • It removes spam traffic e from your website.
  • It also compares the non-organic website traffic to organic website traffic.
  • Google Analytics shows you the places where or which webpage is getting more traffic than usual so that you can improve those pages.
  • It determines your website’s engagement metrics by using Site Content Report.
3. Bing Webmaster:
Bing Webmaster

You may not have heard about this tool, but this tool is an amazing SEO tool. This tool offers insights into your website that includes managing keywords, backlinks and review keywords.

This tool also offers-

  • Its site scanning feature crawls your webpage for any kind of technical SEO problem.
  • It researches the keywords to find out which keywords your audience is searching with search volume.
  • You can learn about your backlink profile to learn more about anchor links, domains, and referral pages.

This SEO tool is a free tool that monitors your website and shows you how your site looks on the Google search bar. Also, the information that the google bot leaves on your log file after crawling your website.

  • this tool measures the effects of your SEO efforts on a page-by-page basis.
  • It immediately identifies SEO facts. Facts like crawl volume, error messages, or poor response rate.
  • Analyzes HTTP Status codes, page performance.
  • Compares your web pages that are revenue-focused
Check My Links

Well, Check My Links is a chrome extension that allows you to see the number of links on a site. Also, how many of them are broken. In short, this SEO tool allows you to make sure that both of your internal and external links are working.

  • It has an auto highlight feature that marks your good links as green and broken links as red.
  • This tool copies all your broken links to your clipboard at one click so that you can see all of them at one glance and repair them
  • The main feature of this SEO tool is to monitor each page and identify the number of broken links.
6. Seoquake:
Seo quake

This SEO tool is an amazing one. I mean, most amazing. Because it works with all the major facts of SEO. Oh, and Seoquake is a chrome extension too. If you add this to your browser, then it’ll quickly check the parameter of your website.

  • This tool audits on-page SEO, real-time URLs, internal and external links.
  • It also compares different domains and URLs that is related to your website.
  • You’ll get a detailed report of how your website is doing, like the links, keywords, etc.

Well, these are all the best 6 SEO tools fitted for website auditing & monitoring. There are other tools that are very helpful for SEO. But those are only SEO-based. They won’t audit or monitor anything. And even if they do, they’ll charge a good amount of price.

So I hope my blog was useful to you. If there’s any SEO tool you know best for auditing and monitoring websites, please let me know in the comment section.

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