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Secrets Of Shadow Photography

There is no light without shadow. Because the shadow proves the sunshine. Shadows make the light visible, more precious. So, shadows are not that bad at all. But photographing shadows can be interesting, no? I mean, yeah taking photos of shadows can be very tricky. That’s why in this blog, you’ll get to know all the tricks of shadow photography.

What Is Shadow Photography?

Shadows Photography

When everyone talks about the light and life, there are always shadows. Because there’s a dream in every shadow of sunlight. And you know what? Darkness is beautiful. Because once you learn to play with the shadows, you’ll master shadow photography in no time. So, when you take photos of dark shadows of objects, yes. You’re doing shadow photography.

Now, I’m 100% sure you’re wondering what kind of shadows you’ll capture. But don’t worry dear. We’ll talk about that too. But first, you’ll need to know about the camera settings for photographing shadows.

The Camera Settings:

Shadows Photography

Now, there are certain camera settings for every kind of photography. Because camera settings will help you to get the photos you want. And yes, camera settings are very important for taking photos. Because here, you don’t want to focus on your subject. But to the shadows of your subject.


A wide-angle lens (around 8 or 9 mm) creates nice, wide-angle shadows that are easier to work with. For this shot you want to have a large depth of field, so you don’t have any blurring in your photo. Second, if you shoot into a light source, it’ll help to reduce chromatic aberration (colored fringes around edges).

Shutter Speed:

Creative Shadow Photography

Shadow photography is all about making your subject too dark. To photograph a scene like this, you want your shutter speed to be faster, which means less light. Start with a shutter speed of about 1/125 to capture a sharp photo of still subjects.

ISO Settings:

Shadow photos are usually best when taken with a low ISO, which means you should lower your ISO settings between 100 to 200. Noise is added to photos in high-ISO settings, which makes them grainy. Noisy cameras are very obvious in black and white colors.

So, if you want to do creative shadow photography, you can always count on this camera setting.

Shadow Photography Ideas:
Shadows Photography

Most of the shadows of your life are caused by you. Because most of the time you’re standing in your own sunshine. So, don’t let them get you to your way of capturing shadows. Now let’s get some shadow photography ideas.

Do It In The Fun Way:
Creative Shadow Photography

Creative shadow photography is a great way to add interest to images and help them stand out from the crowd. Do they look like they could be a distraction? But If they do, remove them from your frame. To get a good look at the scene, take your picture from a far enough distance.

Look for objects that have distinct silhouettes. All kinds of things grow in your garden. So, do it at midday. Or we all know that humans make very nice shadows.

Go In Black And White:
Shadow Photography Ideas

When you use shades of white, grey, and black, it is easier for your eyes to interpret the light and dark spots in your paintings. That’s precisely the reason many of the images featured in this article are in black and white. So, this is a great tip that will get you stunning black and white photos.

Using Rembrandt Lighting Will Help:
Shadow Photography Ideas

If you want to go creative with shadows then the best way is to use Rembrandt lighting and a small light modifier (a diffuser). First, let’s discuss Rembrandt lighting. It’s named after the famous Dutch painter who was a chiaroscuro master. His specific lighting style for his paintings looks so gorgeous that photographers decided to adapt it for their own use.
Light sources are located about 45 degrees in front of the subjects to create Rembrandt lighting. Adjust it so it’s above your model’s head and pointed down at her/him at about 45 degrees. The key to this Rembrandt-inspired photo is to ensure that it has a small amount of light.

Shoot Under The Sun Directly:

The best part of shadow photography is when the sun is at its highest point. This can create undesirable results because it is usually too bright and creates strong contrasts. And for great shadow photos, you need to get those two elements right—highlight and shadow.

The harsh sunlight can help you to capture amazing architecture and other geometric structures. On bright, sunny days the shadows cast on these brightly colored frames make them look quite dramatic.

Artificial Light Are Also Important:

If you miss the daylight, don’t worry. Because you can also create interesting shadows at night by using artificial lights. We have more freedom to play with them than with sunlight since they’re everywhere and they come in different colors. Street lights are probably one of the most fascinating light sources you can try for taking great pictures. Try it out. You’ll be amazed! This is where you go creative.

Edit Your Shadow Photos:
Creative Shadow Photography

Most shadow photography is done in a photo editor. With photo editing software like Adobe Photoshop or Lightroom, you can adjust the exposure, brightness, shadows, and highlights. Moreover, you’ll be able to create perfect silhouette pictures. Or, you can hand over those burdens to Clipping Amazon.

Why Clipping Amazon?
Clipping Amazon

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