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Shoe Photography Tips 

It is a creative thing to capture shoe photos. Sometimes we do not take pictures of the greatest stuff. Photography in quality shoes is an important factor in driving footwear sales. The shoe is being used for product photography. So, you should follow some shoe photography tips.

Shoe Photography Tips Can Get You Ideal Photos:


Product photography is important in the E-commerce business. When you publish on social sites, you must ensure that you displayed your shoes well. 

If you are new to this field, you’ll face some challenges. Before you take a shot at your product, there are some things you have to keep in mind. 

Plan Before Shooting, To Get Ideal Shoe Photos:

Good product photographers always have a plan before photography. So, it is better to ask clients about their needs.


Also, you can ask them what they are looking for. How many pairs are they shooting for?

Then make a plan to get his/her photos. Everything will be messed up if you don’t plan and research before you shoot. When you take a shot you need to figure out the plan and do research.

Before taking pictures of the shoes, all the gear must be monitored. You must schedule this shoe photographing method before you take your photography, even if you know it well!

Select A Suitable White Background:


The background is important in product photography. This is very common among shoe photography tips. If you can’t use a good background in your photos, you won’t be able to sell that product. 

If you want, you would like to learn about the most effective shoe photography strategies. It’s pretty challenging to shoot shoes. Because the shoes are delicate, you have to keep everything precise.

Using a white background in shoe photography. What is it about that?

  • Your shoe is sleek in the background.
  • The color background in shoe photography will rob the shoes of their color.
  • Put the paper in a bag. You can isolate the dirty part of the sweeps. That is the reason I love this sweeping paper.
  • The package should not be hit by the sun; it is intense, and the products look bad.
  • If you don’t have a lightbox, you need to use three bright lights to illuminate your shoes. You put your light on three sides of your shoes. The light top can be set in three different ways.
  • Also, if you want to protect the shoe frame, use dental floss or replace the shoe with paper or tissue.

Ensuring that shoes look their best is one of the things you have to do when choosing a white background.

This approach allows you to focus on shoes without having to worry about other factors. Also, proper lighting and shadows are required.

Shoe Photography Tips- Using Models For Shoe Photography:


The model is the best way to make a shoe look better. Instead of being a boring and lifeless rubber, the ability to shoot the shoe on someone’s foot will improve your bidding and add context.

If you can do both, your shop will do well with a mix of white background and shoes on models. It looks like there is no blackness. The model will try to make poses to show the shoes as profitable. Because clients always want to see how their feet look.

  • The size of the shoe is a decision you have to make.
  • Don’t shoot the whole body of the model if you want to shoot the legs of the model.
  • To take photos, you need to choose models with thin legs.
  • You can shoot photos with various movements.
  • The outfit of the model will fit the shoes.

Shoe Photography Tips- Angles For Shoe Photography:

Try to get a shoe picture from every possible angle. The clients cannot take a decision if they buy this product or not. Don’t capture all photos from one angle. If you want to show your products in detail to clients by pictures then you have to take photos from every side of your shoes. The picture has to be perfect and detailed. 

Everyone can see the light, feet, height of a platform, decorations, and ornaments if you show shoes for sale in the catalog or online shopping sites. The clients will want to buy a pair of shoes easily once they see these things.


It’s important that the product can be seen from more angles in a shorter period of time.

Details Shot-

You need to take a shot in detail of the shoes after you’ve taken the shot on every side of the angle. If you want to know if the shoe is dry, check the shoe’s laces and belts. It’s important to make sure the photo is clean and doesn’t look bad.

You would like to purchase shoes like a customer. When you visit the market to buy a pair of shoes, you want to find out the details of the shoes and whether they’re good or not. Also, other customers do the same. So. product detail is a vital part of the e-commerce business.

Shoe Photography Tips- Footwear Retouching In Photoshop:

It is very important among all shoe photography tips. Product photos need to be edited before they can be uploaded to an e-Commerce website. So. it is also necessary for shoe photos to have a different kind of editing. We(Clipping Amazon) offer a complete service to modify any e-commerce product images.

We will help you to cut out a product and fix it with a perfect background. So, you can capture photos on a poor background at home. We will give it a professional appearance. Also, you can do this on your own if you know how to edit.

  • The background can be adjusted to pure white.
  • The boundaries need to be attached.
  • Fit natural shadows.
  • Cropping & demonstrate the photos from various angles and drawing lines to define the top of the shoes and the head of the objects while the objects can be transferred to one another accurately.
  • If the features were adjusted because of poor lighting, they should be colored differently.
  • Don’t do a lot of image restoration. The shoes should appear authentic.

Shoe Photography Tips- Shooting 360:

  • If your product isn’t in the center of the turntable, you should center your product.
  • When you take a shoe picture, you need 25 frames.
  • You need to ensure that you don’t shoot the beginning frame twice.
  • Make sure that every angle is parallel.
  • You need to shoot from the front side.

It is a new advancement and beneficial for shoe photography. You cannot find any blank space in the pictures if you capture them in this way. Also, you can see your pictures from all angles.

Flat Lay Of Shoe Photography:


People on social media use this shoe photography method to take pictures of shoes next to other items.

The lighting and color selection are the most important things here.

  • Flat-lay images benefit from vertical shots.
  • To match the colors, select a few. This will lead to a consistent theme for your image.
  • Pick a pleasant background, such as a white one, a wood floor, a desk, or a table, based on your subject.
  • White space is a great place to use to make your painting more enjoyable.
  • If you want to enhance the image, don’t use an elevated-performance lamp.

Shoe Photography Tips- Floating Shoe Photography:


The floating shoe photography looks amazing. Advertising makes people wonder what lies underneath and is very effective. The impact of such publicity is very large.

  • If you want to focus on all of your shoes, you have to use a higher lens.
  • For conflicting purposes, use various sets after that.
  • Blurry and smooth focus is not necessary.
  • Use high transparency to stay focused.

Retouch Photos To Get The Ideal Shoe Image:

To get a beautiful shoe photo, retouching is a necessary step. It will help you to get rid of unwanted problems from photos. A special shoe photo editing is all about- background removal, shadow creation, and light retouching. 

  • First, open a shoe photo in photoshop or other photo editing software, which have several disturbing things.
  • Then use Pen Tool, which can be found on the Tools Panel. And make a clear outline of the shoes for removing unwanted things. After selecting cut off the growing lines.
  • You can place the shoe on a white background. It will give the photo a charming look.
  • Then you can change the Hue/Saturation to get a fresh color for the shoe.
  • Put a shadow to give your photo a natural look.

Hope these shoe photography tips will help you to capture perfect shoe photos. Also, for a more attractive look and perfectness, you can hire a professional photo editing company. Clipping Amazon is a very good and professional photo editing company. They are providing a Free Trial for their new clients. If want to learn more about the services visit The Page.


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