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Shoe Photography 2022: Some Killer Ideas For You Must Know That!

Do you know about the most important things in online business? The product photos catch the attention of visitors initially. The more realistic the photos are, the more likely they are to be seen by buyers. One of the on-demand products in online stores is shoes and so shoe photography matters a lot. A simple yet innovative thing to do is photograph shoes. Every product photographer doesn’t have the ability to produce shoe photography masterpieces. It requires a lot of talent, skill, and experience to create premium shoe images. With a high-quality set of shoe photos, you can give people a memorable buying experience. This makes it possible for them to feast on the aesthetic of the products and increase the number of sales.

Shoe Photography Ideas:

Quality shoe photography is an important factor in driving sales. Product photos are the first thing that a visitor looks at after landing on an e-commerce site. Product photos must be displayed well in both e-commerce sites and magazine ads.

Some of the shoe photography ideas that you should follow while carrying out shoe or footwear photography to satisfy your clients are shown in this walk-through.

1. Create A Plan And Research Before Shooting

Before you start any sort of product shooting, it’s extremely important that you do a lot of research, planning, and preparation. It’s not only about sitting for hours on the chair, but you have to make sure you have all the required things ready before you begin.


Get knowledge about the camera settings, lighting, background, and so on by setting ideas in your mind. How many pairs of shoes you will shoot, how many colors you will use, how many angles you need to portray the products are all questions you can ask with a laptop.

2. It’s Important To Select Your Location


Selecting the right location for footwear photography is pivotal otherwise you are unlikely to achieve the prospective output. For best results, choosing an outdoor location is the best. This is because the outdoors provides natural lighting which gives a better representation of footwear. It is difficult to achieve proper lighting indoors for a product like footwear. It’s important to keep an eye on the light distribution while shooting indoors.

3. Use White Background

When it comes to capturing the best shoe photos, you need to consider the background. White is always the best choice if you want to capture the best shoe photo output. However, sometimes you will run into situations where a certain background is required. In this case, you can use color to make the shoe stand out more. Just remember that too much color can wash out your image so you need to strike the right balance.


White background helps to focus on the photograph regardless of model, props, and other factors. Use a plain background if you must use a stuffed background but make sure it is not a patterned one.

In shoe photography, I want to use a white background. What is the reason?

  • Your shoe looks funky on a white background.
  • Don’t use the color background in shoe photography because it will ruin the shoes.
  • You should pick up a piece of paper. You can just separate the dirty part from the dirty part of the sweep. That is why I like this paper in product photography.
  • The products look bad if you let your package be hit by extreme sunlight.
  • It’s important to take photos of your shoes on three sides when you shoot them. This is because you want to get the best shot possible. You need to set your lights up top, bottom, left, and right sides.
  • You can use dental floss to protect the shoe frame.

If you choose a white background color, you have to make sure that the shoes look their best in order to create the illusion that someone has control over them. Furthermore, this approach allows you to focus on shoes, without thinking about other factors. The lighting and shadows should be proper.

4. Using Models For Shoe Photography


A model’s presence makes it more applicable and more attention-giving in a shoe photograph if the budget and time scale allows. If you can shoot the shoe on someone’s foot, your shop will do well with a mix of white background and shoes on a model. It seems like there is no blackness in the focus. The model is trying to make different poses to show the shoes are profitable. Customers want to see how their feet look in shoes.

  • You can choose the size of the shoe.
  • Don’t shoot the entire body of the model, just shoot the legs.
  • You have to choose models with thin legs.
  • The outfit of the model will match the color of the shoes, so shoot photos with various movements.

5. Flat Lay Shoe Photography

In this way of shoe photography ideas, shoes are placed close to other objects and taken a photo from above. The main things here are the colors and natural lighting. A neutral background, like a basic white, or a wood floor, desk, or table, would be ideal for your project. So, it is possible to make your image more interesting by using blank space.


6. It Should Be Displayed As If It Was Taken

Clients always think about how they will look before they buy a product. It is essential for you to show your footwear in a way that makes it look like you are wearing it by a person. It’s possible to create an illusion that would make someone think they are wearing footwear. A professional photo retouching service provider will enhance your Amazon photos, making them more appealing to customers. This means your product photos will get more sales. If you hold dental floss up, you can also make this illusion. To stuff the shoes, you also can use tissue paper or a small piece of cloth. You are able to display your online shoes with these techniques.

7. Capture From Many Different Angles

It’s important to think about the mindset of the clients when you’re trying to sell products online or in a catalog. Customers want to see the product from different angles before purchasing a pair of shoes. It is not possible for them to make a decision about buying shoes by looking at one angle.


The mistake many product photographers commit is to shoot shoes from one angle. To get the attention of the customers, you have to take shots from all angles. If you want potential buyers to notice each and every part of the footwear, you have to post the images in such a way that potential buyers can notice them. So, it’s very important for shoe photography ideas.

8. The Focus Must Be On Proper Lighting

If you want to carry out perfect shoe photography, you need to remember lighting is one of the main factors you need to consider. Lighting can illuminate your product and make it enchanting while poor lighting can damage your product and make it unflattering.


The shadows of dark lighting are likely to hamper the exhibition of footwear, so you should use natural lighting instead. It’s important to make sure the sunlight doesn’t fall on your set. You can use a lightbox for your photography, but you can also use three lamps, one on top, left, and right.

9. Make Sure To Emphasize The Minute Details

Soft focus is a good technique in photography and many photographers like to apply it in their shots. When it comes to product photography, we don’t recommend using soft focus, as clients always look for clarity in the product they want to buy. Soft focus won’t create a positive impression in the mind of potential buyers, so if you are shooting footwear, avoid applying soft focus.


They think the shoe was obscured to make it look better. If you want to fix this issue, you can use an f/11 high aperture, which will give you a perfect focus. You can also use a tripod if you want to take steady shoe photographs. This will allow you to achieve the result that you are after.

10. Don’t Hold Back On Your Creativity

Product photographers have the ability to think outside the box. Adding reflections while taking photos is one way to show your innovativeness. You can add reflections by placing the shoes in a higher position and keeping some water in them. The footwear will be reflected in a mirror.


If you want to create a reflection from a different angle, you can keep the footwear standing in front of the water. Adding reflection to the footwear will make it look classy and unique, as well as draw attention to the buyers. This type of ideas helps your shoe photography.

Shoe Photography And Editing Tools & Gear

If you want to get the best quality shoe photos or any other product images, you must have high-quality tools and gear. When you need to know how to shoot shoe product photography ideas, and how to edit shoe photography, where you should understand photography ideas and editing tools and gear. If you use a low-quality photography kit, you can get images, but they can’t fulfill your expectation. As a professional product photographer, you should have some advanced tools in order to get success. We’ve put together a list of must-need shoe photography and editing kits. Have a look-

  • Use a camera that is DSLR

You have to buy a DSLR camera for your product photography studio if you want to boost your business to the next level. Quality, cutting-edge tech, more insightful features, and high performance are what the best quality Digital SLR cameras always capture a stunning photo with. Your shoe photography can be captured with a single-lens quality reflex camera.

  • Tripod

It is important to use a tripod for outdoor and indoor product photography. During taking product photos, it will provide you stability. If you want to get clear and focused pictures, you need a tripod or a photography stand.

  • Shoe Stand

Shoe photo shooting or any product photography, experienced product photographers use stands, dolls, mannequins, clips, tape, pins, and other items. The product had to be stopped for making the product standstill. The photographer gets a perfect shot with the help of these tiny things.

  • Lightbox

Lightbox is used to take images of small products. You need a lightbox for shoe photography. A lightbox will allow you to get light quickly. You don’t have to light the entire house. You can use a lightbox or softbox to get the right light for the product.

Some Of Clipping Amazon Shoe Photo Editing Services

Nowadays, shoe photography is an important part of driving shoe sales. Retailers and shoe sellers try to scale up their shoe businesses in a competitive market. The shoe product photo must be stunning, eye-catching, and it should capture the wow level of user experience in the first impression since the product photo is the soul of the eCommerce business. If want to increase your sales and make your product eye-catching you must need photo editing. Here are some of our shoe photo editing services-

Add A Perfect Background

Adding any background is necessary if you want to take background removal service for product images. You have to worry about taking the right photography background if you decide not to edit the background of the shoe photographs.


Since the background is important for product photo shooting, we recommend using a solid white backdrop. You can do background editing at home or from a photo manipulation company, even if you change your mind later on because you can use a solid background.

Add Reflection Shadow


Adding some reflection shadows to your shoe photos will make them look more artistic and elegant. If you want to take Photoshop shadow services during product photo shooting, we suggest you take the shoe photos from on top of a glassy surface. If you are a thinker out of the box, you can keep some water beneath the product or use a mirror. At the time of taking photos, both will give you a shadow reflection effect.

Shoe Photo Editing & Retouching

Most of the time, a product photo is not enough. The images need a professional touch to them. Your images of shoe products may not be perfect and need to be fixed. However, We are going to give you some exclusive shoe photo fixing tips that you can use to improve your shoe photos for your online store.

Remove Shoe Image Background


The clipping path and background removal technique can be used if your shoe photos have a distractive background. The shoe product should be highlighted in the image frame. White background in product photos is recommended by most of the eCommerce platforms. A clean background makes a shoe photo perform better and increases sales multiple times. So, if you can remove the backdrop on your own, you can need our photo editing service.

Shoe Image Retouching & Cleaning


Sometimes product images contain speckles of dust, spots, scratches, etc. These are alarming for high-end quality product photos. They need to be cleansed. If your shoe images have speckles of dust and spot issues, Photoshop the images and achieve the best quality shoe images for the e-commerce business. We can be removing dust and spots utilizing different tools and options of Photoshop.

Cropping & Resizing


You can’t depend on the camera to get appropriate e-Commerce size shoe photos. It will give you larger or smaller size photos than you need. If you want to have perfect shoe photos for e-commerce platforms or social media product stores, you need to use photo cropping and resizing services in Adobe Photoshop. You only have to know the measurement that the sites recommend uploading. We provide many more services you need any kind of photo editing services then contact us.

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