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A Complete Guide To Smoke Bomb Photography Ideas

If you love creating unique images that grab attention, we are proud to introduce you to the latest trend—smoke bomb photography. In this article, we’re going to take a look at the smoke bomb photography ideas. So, take a look.

Smoke bomb photography adds a realistic and unusual effect to your portrait, street, or wedding photos. With colored smoke for photography, you’ll get different and unexpected results. The smoke is used to add a splash of color to your photos. It creates a different atmosphere than just a normal photoshoot. You can also use it as a prop for your models.

Why Do We Use Smoke Bombs In Our Photography?

Smoke bombs can change a photo session into a story. Smoke photography is popular for wedding photos, gender-reveal photos, engagement shoots, street portraits, and even landscape photography.


I really like to shoot with my smoke bomb, it adds an interesting background to the subject and can also be used to highlight the movements of your model while they are holding the smoke. Smoke bomb photography can make your online portfolio stand out.

Finding The Right Smoke Bombs:

There are a lot of different smoke bombs. Some come in cans, others in sticks. Look at the features of the brand before you buy it.

Burn Time:

Smoke bombs will last longer if they are used correctly. If you are just starting, you should find something that will give you close to a minute of active output for each smoke bomb so that you have time to make adjustments.


The smoke’s density will affect the image’s transparency. If you want a mist-like effect or a more opaque coverage, you should decide before the event.


Do you need a lighter or just a wire? A wire pull can add to the price since it is more straightforward to use. You must follow the instructions, no matter what type you choose.

Smoke Bomb Photography Ideas:

Now we want to give you a few more tips for your shoots.


Plan Your Photoshoot:

You don’t have a long time to get your shot, right? Smoke bombs don’t burn long and you have to make the smoke to be usable. So, the smoke bomb and the pose you want your model to take are things that you need to plan out before the shoot.

Cold-burning smoke bombs are one of the things to keep in mind. Since other types of smoke bombs are made to be very hot, they are unsafe to work with on the model.

Smoke Bomb Photography Ideas- Avoid Windy Days:

You want to plan your photo shoot for a calm day because the wind will make smoke evaporate quicker. Because the wind will make it impossible to set the smoke where you want it to be. So be aware of the forecast.

Asked Your Model To Move The Smoke Bomb Slowly:

It’s much better to move the smoke bomb instead of holding it. So, ask your model to move the smoke bomb slowly. This will help you to make a great background and smoke trails.

Now you have to wait for that perfect moment when the smoke-filled the space so that the image appears as you want. But, take the photo before the smoke covers the face of your model. A small fan can be used to blow the smoke away from the model’s face.

Smoke Bomb Photography Ideas- Using Props:

You can use props to make your photos more interesting. And it will add a theme to your photos. Also, you can put a smoke bomb under an umbrella or inside a cage.

Use Thematic Outfit:


Smoke bomb photography is a great way to create post-apocalyptic scenes, so suggest a similar outfit to your models. This can include gas masks, soldier uniforms, and more.

Experiment With Colors:

Smoke bomb photography can be done in two ways. One can use a matching color to make a scene. To give your scene a more fantasy look, use a contrasting color to make the smoke pop. You can experiment to see what works for you if you choose the final option. You can test to see what works for you and the final choice is a matter of personal preferences.

Don’t Forget Lighting:

If you are planning a photo session, make sure the area is well lit. You can bring your lighting kit with you to make your smoke more noticeable.

Play With Your Shutter Speed:

Your shutter speed will affect the final result since the smoke movement depends on the air current.

If you want to freeze the smoke’s motion and get a clear shot, you should set your shutter speed to one-thousandth of a second. Take stunning pictures whenever you move around.


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