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7 Rules You Need To Be Concerned For Social Media Guidelines

Business through social media seems pretty easy. Doesn’t it? Well, only if you run your work inside the safe zone according to social media guidelines. Otherwise, you may lose even be banned forever from a site. In this blog, I’ll write about 7 major rules about social media guidelines so that, you don’t have to go through any hard situation.

Violation Of Social Media Rules

Well, you don’t like to be told that you’re wrong all the time. Do you? I guess this demotivates a person very deeply. Basically, people use different kinds of social media for various purposes. Among popular social media, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Linked In, Instagram are very popular.

Facebook is the most popular of all. And I bet you’ve bought or sold something by Facebook. Isn’t it? Because online buying and selling on Facebook have become a normal thing nowadays. Like everything is available for business on Facebook. Well, people are also running businesses on other social media too. For example, Twitter, Instagram, Linked In, etc. But as much as it is a delight to business on the online platform, many people got cheated by it too! Yes, I got cheated by several pages too. They showed me a product and then sent another low-quality product.

So, to stop such cheating, social media came with some guidelines. To tell you what? If anyone is acting against those guidelines, his or her account will be suspended immediately. Needless to say, these guidelines are definitely not very hard to follow. But it will save you from a lot of mishaps.

Okay, before starting, you must know that guidelines for different social media are different. Yes, there are some prime rules that may seem similar but not all the same. For example, Twitter comes with more sophistication and regulations. So does Linked In. Of course, it’s not hard to follow. Whereas, Facebook is a bit flexible than twitter.

7 Rules For Social Media

So, let’s check out these rules if you’re violating them without even knowing.

1. Using A Photo Of An Actual Person:

This rule is against Facebook and Twitter.

Using Another Person’s Photo As Profile Picture Is Strictly Forbidden

Why? well, why not? What if someone is using your personal picture as his profile photo? Would you be okay with it? Of course not. Yeah, so that’s why Facebook & Twitter take it very seriously. Also, don’t ever use any Stock photos in your Twitter profile. Because, if your illegal profile grabs any attention of the controllers, I’m not sure if you will be able to see your Twitter account ever again. Although, Facebook is a bit flexible still not worth taking such a risk. You never know who might report your profile just for some pictures!

2. Wrong Date Of Birth On Facebook:

It’s a rule in Facebook, obviously.

Choose Your Birth Date And Year Correctly

To be sure you need to go through Facebook’s identity section. Generally, Facebook doesn’t allow users who are under the age of 13. Still, if someone is using a fake date of birth, and get caught, his account might be gone. You never know when someone is reporting your id out of anger. Then if Facebook asks for certain information and you can’t provide it, your account is good as dead.

3. Using Wrong Name:

I know you see a lot of profile names with fake names every day. Trust me, I see it too. But do you know it’s against Facebook rules?

Let’s just say, as tempting as those fake names are, it’s always best to use the name as per your national id or passport. Or the name you are called by your family and friends.

Never Choose The Wrong Name In Social Media

Because, if Facebook asks for an investigation and you can’t provide the right information including your name, you may lose your account permanently even if your other information is accurate.

4. Using URL As Name:

This rule is in Instagram & Facebook.

Well, now no social media allows you to use an URL or domain name as your username. Even if it was allowed once or twice for some time. Who took that chance and used the domain name as a username. Their profile can be terminated or suspended anytime. You can check out Instagram’s term of service here.

5. Not Using Your Account For Long Time:

This rule is for Twitter.

Keep Your Twitter Account Active

Even if Twitter removes an account that isn’t active for 6 months, you can manage to run your account without logging in. How? Because there is an option called ‘scheduling tweets’. You can make some tweets and schedule them at a certain time interval and you’re good to go! This way, your account will be active without any logging in and Twitter will spare your account too!

6. Creating Personal Account More Than One:
Having Only One Real Account Is Good

You can own many pages & groups as you want but the account. Yes, Facebook allows everyone to have only one personal account. Now, I also know some people who run 5 or 6 ids on Facebook. According to the Facebook policy, if Facebook ever catches you with multiple personal accounts, you might lose all accounts at a moment.

7. Sharing Content That Isn’t Yours:

Well, faking anything is against all kinds of social media guidelines. Because you recorded a movie clip and posted it on social media without the filmmaker’s permission. The moment the company sees it, it reports to your content for copywriting, and then your post disappears.

But when your id gets reported constantly, at least if your id gets reported for Copywrite issues more than 3 times, your id will be removed permanently. It happens on all social media.

Well, there are other rules for sure. But those vary from social media to social media. But these are the major rules. If you keep an eye on these rules, I’m sure you won’t have to lose your loving business page or id.

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