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How To Find The Best Stock Photography Sites For Selling Your Photos

It is hard to make money as a photographer. As cameras get more accessible, the industry gets flooded with new talent, and prices go down. Diversification is a way of keeping the funds flowing. Stock photography sites can be used to sell your photographs. This article is giving you some stock photos sites details.

Benefits Of Selling Your Photos On Stock Photography Sites:

There are a lot of ways for a photographer to make money. Photographers who want to make extra money from their photography could benefit from joining stock photography sites. By focusing on what you’re good at, you’ll be able to make a reasonable income. If you sell photos at stock photography sites, you can expand your audience and build a strong and diverse portfolio.

There are challenges when selling stock photography. Don’t expect to simply upload hundreds of photos to a site and start making money. It’s not very easy as you think. So, there are tips and tricks on how to make a lot of money from stock photography sites.

There Are Things To Think About When Comparing Stock Photography Sites:

You have decided to sell your photos through stock photography sites, but how do you choose which one to use? So, the approach of each of them is slightly different, and here are some things to consider.

Royalties/Commission: There are several stock photo sites that pay 10% commissions, and many sites pay up to 80%.

Photo requirements: Each site has a different content, quality, and file size requirements.

 Exclusivity: You can’t sell your photos anywhere else if you don’t have an exclusive site. Others will pay you more for it if you make it optional.

 Competition: It can be harder for your photos to stand out if you go to more popular sites.

 Niche: Some websites are specialized in a certain area. This may be a good option for you if you excel in a specialty. Stock photography sites show only animal and pet images.

Stock Photography Sites- iStock:


In the stock photo business, iStock is a big name. The pricing and commission structure of the site is very different from the other sites. You need to use the Getty Contributor app in order to use images.

When uploading photos via the app, you will be given a choice of where your images will be sold. The best iStock images are also shown when contributors are offered an agreement on Stock.

How To Become A Contributor:

People can contribute to iStock through the Getty Images Contributor app. 3 to 6 sample images will be uploaded, and you can apply. You will get an invitation to join via the app is approved.

iStock Advantages:

– There is a lot of high traffic.

– Also, there is a potential to make a lot of sales.

iStock Disadvantages

– Low rate of commission.

– There’s a lot of competition.

– Current contributors are not happy with the recent changes

– Royalties have been declining.

It is difficult to justify iStock for new photographers with the lowest commission rates in the industry. Contributors say that they are still making money because they have been using it for a long time. Because the site gets so much traffic, they can make money despite the low royalties.

Stock Photography Sites- Shutterstock:


The stock photo game is led by Shutterstock. People who got in early will attest to the fact that they have paid out more than a billion dollars to their contributors. It’s well-loved by the photographers. Some changes in the last year resulted in lower commission rates for their contributors, which resulted in them losing 50% or more of their commission.

The site has a good reputation, high sales, and amazing tools for contributors. There is a global community for networking, a monthly shot list of content that is in demand, and a platform to make more money. It isn’t the only place to hang your hat. 

How Much Do They Pay?

The commission starts at 15% for each image sold with opportunities to make up to 40%. You need to sell a lot of photos to make a lot of money. Contributors only earn pennies per sale as a result of their subscription model. It is possible to make money.

How To Become A Contributor In Stock Photography Sites- Shutterstock:

Of course, the first step in contributing to Shutterstock is to fill out an application. To make sure your images meet the site’s quality guidelines. Here, you have to submit a few of your best images.

Shutterstock Advantages

– The traffic is high.

– It has the ability to make money.

Shutterstock Disadvantages

– Hard competition.

– Current contributors’ commission has dropped.

Stock photography sites used to be a lot more profitable than they are now.  While Shutterstock isn’t making as much money as it used to, it’s still a viable option. Most other sites don’t provide their contributors with many useful tools.

Stock Photography Sites- Alamy:


Alamy is a more traditional stock photography website than the others. Your commission per photo is higher because they charge their users more. So, they have tougher standards for accepting contributors. They have a philosophy that is based on philanthropy.

Also, Alamy has a contributor forum and a monthly list of needs that you can use to shoot photos for their platform.

How Much Do They Pay?

There is a 50% commission on images with an exclusive license and also 40% on non-exclusive photos. The site is dedicated to helping new photographers succeed in their chosen profession. And also has a student project that pays 100% commission for two years.

How To Become A Contributor:

To contribute to Alamy, you have to fill out an application and submit your first three images. Be sure that, your photos pass the quality control process. Also, be sure to review your image guidelines.

Alamy Advantages

– Commission is high

– It is in business for 21 years

Alamy Disadvantages

– Not user friendly

– Contributors have strict standards.

– Fewer traffic leads and fewer sales

Some of its competitors have lower standards than Alamy. It may take a bit more effort to get accepted as a contributor and to build an archive. It will be worth it when you start making more than $50 per sale.

Stock Photography Sites- Adobe Stock:


Adobe Stock is one of the top stock photo players. The way they did it, is by increasing royalties and getting people to join their site. They integrated the site with Adobe Creative Cloud and promote it, which resulted in a lot of sales.

Adobe Stock is only 6 years old. But, they have serious competition for Shutterstock in no time. 

How Much Do They Pay?

Adobe Stock pays a commission on images. Also, Adobe gives free one-year Creative Cloud plans to contributors who have a certain number of image downloads.

How To Become A Contributor:

If you have an Adobe ID, you can become an Adobe Stock contributor. You need to create one after you will be a contributor on the Adobe Stock website. You will pay attention to Adobe’s image guidelines when uploading your images. Before selling the images, they must review them.

Adobe Stock Advantages

– It gives a good commission

– Creative Cloud and PowerPoint can be integrated

– Current users say their commission is growing.

 Adobe Stock Disadvantages

– Less traffic than the competition is what new on the market is about 

– Contributions have no mobile app.

Adobe Stock might be the new kid on the block when it comes to stock photography, but they are part of a company that has been around for a long time. It made sense to include the stock photos site under their umbrella.

All these stock photography sites have one similar thing. It is, they all allow attractive photos. So, as a photographer, you have to make your photos attractive. Sometimes, photos can be very beautiful during capturing them. But, sometimes photos can be dull. Photo editing services are a great solution for dull photos. There are so many photo editing service companies. Clipping Amazon is one of them. You can try our service to make your photos attractive. So that, stock photography sites can allow your photos.


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