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The Story Of Storytelling Photography

Storytelling is the most powerful way to put ideas into the world. And the most powerful person? It’s the person who is telling the story! Creative or not. A story is a story. Because it’s not magic that takes us to another world. Its storytelling. And photographers are the best storytellers in the world. Because they have the power to tell the most amazing stories without saying a word. So, in this blog, we’re going to learn about storytelling photography.

What Is Storytelling Photography?

So, may the whole photography fact stands on this? Because when you take photos, you must keep in mind that your photo will have to have a story. A story that will get by your photo. Also, many famous photography schools give pressure on learning the image reading concept. I mean, if you’re to take a photo, make sure that your image tells a story. The reason you took the photo. That’s the main theme of storytelling photography.

Storytelling Photography Ideas

In short, storytelling is about connecting with people and helping them to see what you see. Besides, everyone has a different way of telling stories. Don’t you think? And they all have different stories to tell. Which by the way is beyond amazing.

Photography isn’t a hobby or a business. It’s an observation. Because it’s about finding something interesting in an ordinary place. And our eyes do the best photography in the world. First, we see through our eyes, then we capture it. The sweetness of that instant beauty stays with us forever. And I bet nothing sticks to your head better than a story. Because stories can express the most complex ideas in the most digestible ways

Photography As Storytelling

So, I guess it’s pretty clear the concept of storytelling photography. Isn’t it? Now let’s check out more stories!

Why There Has To Be Something To Represent?

Well, great stories happen to those who can tell them. And I think photographers are the best for it. They see the earth as an art. Maybe that’s why they go through insane situations just to alter life by holding a moment still. So of course it’s a primary thing that your image will always represent a story or a theme.

Besides, there are some certain photos that will give you a mixed feeling of wonder. That what does that photo mean? These kinds of photos grab more attention. Here I’d like to say one thing. That, many people mix abstract arts with storytelling photography. Which is absolutely wrong. A painting is a painting. And photography is a whole new different thing. Although they’re both arts. But they’re different kinds.

Storytelling Photography Tips:

Now, if you’re done with the storytelling photography concept, let’s have a look at some creative storytelling photography tips!

Connect With Your Story:
Storytelling Photography Ideas

So far, we have discussed what storytelling is and how it works. But there is one important tip. Namely… You must act to connect with the story by taking photos! You see, the act of knowing your story for photography is similar to the act of writing your story. Except, of course, that when you are writing, you have the luxury of time. And you can always go back and edit your work. Not so with photography. Once you shoot the picture, it’s too late. The photo is already “out there”. There is no going back. So, you must know your story for photography.

Different Styles Of Photography:

Well, there are two main styles of storytelling photography: documentary and reportage. Documentary style is where you are trying to show what really happened. For example, if you are taking a photo of a person crying because his mother just died, you are using a documentary style of storytelling photography. You want the viewer to feel what the person feels. It’s an emotional style. If you are taking a photo of a person dancing on stage because he won the award, then you are using a reportage style of storytelling.

Photography As Storytelling

You want to show what the person looks like when he is having fun. It’s a physical style. In general, I use a hybrid of both styles. I try to blend the emotion of the documentary with the energy of the reportage. For me, it’s a matter of finding that sweet spot where the photo has enough energy but not so much emotion that it becomes boring. You know, boring is the death of all great photos. 

Build Character With Props And Costumes:
Storytelling Photography Ideas

This is one of the most important tips for storytelling photography. You see, people are very much attracted to those things which they can identify with. So, if you want your photos to be effective, you need to dress up as your audience desire. Don’t you think so? And as far as props are done, they can be anything which you use to add more flavor and detail to your photo. A flower might remind someone of his or her girlfriend or wife. Or a car might remind someone of his or her youth.

Make Your Photos Symbolic:
Photography As Storytelling

Symbols have a way of jumping off the page and into the minds of your viewers. Using symbolic imagery can help you tell a story faster and more effectively. Because using symbolism in your images makes the process of “seeing” your photo easier for your viewer. That’s because symbols have been incorporated into our brains as shortcuts to understanding what we see. And that’s why good writing is so important to great storytelling photography.

Build A Story With Colors:
Colors Are Fun

Colour gives life to everything. It makes things look vibrant and energetic. And when you use color in your photos, you will be able to tell a much more powerful and effective story. And one of the main benefits of using color in your photos is that you will make your subject look more appealing to the viewer. Because colors are associated with positive feelings. So, when people see a photo with colorful elements, they will be able to connect with the photo even before they see the story. In other words, the color of your subject will help you connect with the viewer on a very emotional level. 

Capture Something Delicate!:

Some people don’t need to know the details of how a photo was taken. They only need to know what the photo tells them. In other words, they only need the big picture. They don’t need to know the mechanics of how it was achieved. Don’t Be Afraid To Be Creative! Don’t be afraid to take chances. Because life is filled with possibilities! So, go creative.

Leave People Wondering

So, all these storytelling photography ideas aside, you must know another thing. And that is you must take your photos for the post-processing session. Because this part will give your photos the right touch or makeover to shine. And to allure your viewers. For all kinds of photo editing services, you can always rely on Clipping Amazon.

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