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How To Swap Face In Photoshop

By all this article, we will learn how to swap face in photoshop? In this age of social media, who is ignorant of face-swap technology? You can practice face-swapping in Photoshop and additionally with other online tools. We can frequently leverage this era to entertain online users, thereby boosting their subscribers and fans. There is no question that it’s fun. But at the equal time, it could even use to carry perfection to incorrect photos.

Earlier than to show you the steps of face-swapping, we have to tell you that some people are misusing this face-swapping technology in recent times. They are committing severe crimes misusing this. By this, they are framing innocent people. Our purpose is to make this tutorial, introduce you to this art. So that you can have an ethical laugh and put off undesirable photography defects.

Now read in details of swap face in photoshop tutorial.

How To Swap Face in Photoshop- Open The Images:

At first, open two photos in Photoshop with which you desire to work. Keep it remember that both faces should be similar in look and nearly similar head tilt. Those elements are the main for a natural look of the swapped face.

Select the Lasso Tool:

Then, choose the Lasso tool from the toolbar placed at the left. Then draw around the face which you want to set another face. Once the selection is done, duplicate the layer by hitting Ctrl + C in windows.

Set the Selected Face On The 2nd Face To Swap:


After that, paste (Ctrl+V) the selected face on the 2d image that you opened in along with the 1st one to swap. However, the location and the size of both faces might be different. So, press Ctrl + T in home windows to resize the copied face. Also, use the move tool pressing V to place the face at the right place.

Now, tone down the opacity from the Layers panel to look at the underneath face. Then set the eyes, mouth, and nose based on the reference factors. Use Shift + Alt while moving and rotating the face to maintain alignment and prevent any distortion. Bring the opacity back again to view the top face.

Add a Layer Mask And Work On There:

Then, click on mask to add a layer mask into Layer 1. Select the foreground color black, and pick out the brush tool. Use the brush tool to brush around the face to remove the extra part of the face. It will help you to get the matched tone and shade of the face.

To Swap Face Make Necessary Adjustments:

Face-swapping is about to finish. However, to bring perfectness in the face color, click the image from the menu bar and pick adjustments to get a list. Click Brightness, then contrast to modify the brightness. And hit ok. Then work on the main layer.

Make a copy of that layer and rename it individually. After that, select the face layer and go to the image from the menu bar to swap the face. Then go to adjustment and finally matched color. Here you find a pop-up, here take the source name and layer name. These will help your photos choose the accurate color.


Next, turn off the eye of the face layer and go to the main layer. Cut out the face of this layer, matching with face layer with the lasso tool. And then turn on the eye of the face layer. Select the face layer and the main layer pressing shift together. And go to edit from the menu bar. From here, go to auto bland layer and press okay. Then you can see the magic. The face becomes adjusted with the main layer face, including color.


Finally, the face-swapping work is done. You can swap face with the help of this article. Hope you enjoy this tutorial article. If you feel any problem understanding it, you can subscribe Clipping Amazon Youtube channel.

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