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Proper Swimsuit Photography Guide

Girl or boy, everyone loves to spend a day on the beach? How about you? Do you love to channel your inner mermaid? Or do you love to still that moment? Or should I say photography? If so, this blog is for you my dear. Why? Because this blog is for swimsuit photographers. And to those who love to capture mermaids in sexy swimsuits. Now don’t tell me that you don’t love to look sexy and click selfies in some killer poses. Let’s dig into the swimsuit photography.

What Is Swimsuit Photography?

Isn’t it obvious? I bet you got a new swimsuit to wear in the spring! When you wear a sexy swimsuit and click photos like a diva, you can call it swimsuit photography.

Swimsuit Photography Concept

Although swimsuit photoshoot has more to do it. There are many famous or infamous companies that deal with the swimsuit business. They hire famous bikini models or actresses for their swimsuit photoshoots. It’s a part of their marketing. Besides, many actresses go for a swimsuit photoshoot to grow publicity.

Remember when I say swimsuit. Why? Because everyone can wear a swimsuit. It really doesn’t matter if you’re a girl or boy. Wait, what? Yes, you heard right. Did you ever see a boy wearing a formal dress on the beach? I guess not. Or did you ever see a man wearing a suit on the beach? Still no, right? So, turns out a swimsuit is a wearable thing that everyone can put on.

So Boys Can Pose In Beach?

Boys Can Do Hot Swimsuit Photography

Did you really think this blog was only for girls and photographers? There are many famous brands that produce incredible shorts or swimwear for men. Besides, girls want to look sexy because they want to show off in front of boys? The same goes with the boys. So yeah, just like photography everyone can wear a swimsuit and pose for hot swimsuit photography.

Do You Have Anything To Do As A Swimsuit Photographer?

Swimsuit Photographer

I think, as a swimsuit photographer, you’ve to do the most thing. Why? Because almost every photographer faces some clients or models who are shy to pose in front of an unknown photographer. I mean almost. Besides, there are many models who start their careers with shyness. So, in situations like this, you need to be in charge.

Moreover, even when the model isn’t shy in front of the camera, you need to set up the right camera settings, looking out for harsh sunlight. Why? Surely, you don’t wanna do swimsuit photography at night. Do you? Also, shy or not, a little friendly talking with your client lets to your next project always. Also, as a swimsuit photographer, you should know the right angles, sides, etc. But don’t worry. You’ll have all the guidelines about swimsuit photography soon enough!

Some Basic Swimsuit Photography Tips:

These are some tips that you can use for successful swimsuit photography. If you follow these tips, I don’t think swimsuit photography will be too hard for you to pull off.

Right Camera & Lenses:

Well, for the best camera for swimsuit photography, searching Google won’t help. Why? Because there isn’t the exact answer for it. So, you can use a regular camera for this. Still, SonyA7RIII is really perfect for swimsuit photography. It is high resolution with a 42.4 MP sensor, it also gives you actual colors with an auto eye focus.

Camera aside, there are some lenses that’ll help you to capture beautiful photos. Such as a wide-angle lens. A 70 mm wide-angle lens will help you to get wider exposure at the beach. And that means you can capture beautiful beach portraits.

Black & White Photos Are Never Out Of Style:
Try Black & White Photography

We live in a very modern era, still, black and white photos grab our attention. Besides, not always the situation or the weather will be on your side. Suppose you have an appointment for swimsuit photography. And on the day of the shooting, the beach is slightly stormy. It’ll definitely ruin your shot. Won’t it? That’s why you need to do some black and white photography. It’ll turn out great, trust me. But ask your client before doing that.

Ask For Accessories:
Use Other Accessories

Many photographers find it useless. But don’t you think using sea things will add more vibe to your photos? For example, a light-colored body wrap around the bikini will get you a very classic and elegant photo.

Or, a shirt over a swimsuit will turn out great. Besides, as swimsuit photography takes place mostly near the sea, using seashells will bring out the best photo. Or if you want to go more modern. That’s alright too. You can use beach hats, beach bags, umbrellas, will do just fine.

Always Shoot In Raw:
Shoot In Raw

I know most photographers shoot photos in JPEG. Do you know why? Because it lets you capture more details. Although it also means you’ll have to spend more time or dollars on photo editing.

As you’ll be shooting in the sun and the sea, there might be many situations that will need detailed editing. And those editing will be possible only in raw photos.

Less The Make-Up On Model Is, The Better:
Keep Your Model Genuine

Look, swimsuit photography or hot swimsuit photography is about aesthetic photography. So, don’t you think that a lot of makeup and a lot of jewelry is a bit out of the place for a swimsuit? Well, I think it is. And what makeup should be perfectly fit for hot swimsuit photography? Wet hair, dripping water from hairs or skin, glossy skin, sparkly skin with beach sand are what it makes more beautiful. Don’t you think?

So, better keep your model with a no make-up look. I know I was told to keep some accessories to bring out the most beachy vibe. But not too much. Especially not the makeup. You can search the internet for some quick check, I hope you’ll get the answer.

If The Time Is Right For Shooting:
Choose The Right Time

For every kind of photography, timing is everything. Because many newbies photographers have trouble deciding on which time they should start photoshoots.

Many think that shooting at midday will make the photoshoot better. But honestly? It turns out as the worst. Because it will get you flat images with harsh brightness and screwed shadows. So never shoot when the sun is above your head.

Better shoot in the golden hour. Or if you want to shoot in the morning using the soft light, then you can shoot before 9:00 AM.

A Proper Location Can Do The Trick:
Choose A Proper Location

Sea is beautiful for sure. But not all the seashore is perfect for swimsuit photography. So, find a better place for the photoshoot. Besides some shores contain corals or jungle. Each kind of sea has its own charms. Use it to your advantage.

Background Matters:
Background Matters

Make sure the coast is clear. Because you don’t wanna make your model look lost in the sea of tourist people. Do you? So keep an eye on the background during the photo shoot.

Editing Is A Must:
Editing Photos Is A Must

Since you’ll be working with the sun and the sand, better edit your photos. Because most of the photoshoots will be on the sun. So, you might want to add some high-end skin retouching to your model after the photoshoot. And as you already know that’s a certainly time-consuming task. Maybe you might want to hand those to the professionals? Clipping Amazon could be the best solution for it!

Well, that was all about our hot swimsuit photography ideas. I hope you found my blog useful. But mark my words humbly when I said about Clipping Amazon. Why? Let’s find out.

Clipping Amazon:
High-End Skin Retouching

Looking for professional photo editing services? Yes, that’s where Clipping Amazon comes in. Maybe your professional and best-trusted business companion? We provide 17 kinds of photo editing services. Even if you’re not a swimsuit photographer, still you can take our services. Background removal, color correction, image cleaning, jewelry retouching, skin retouching, etc. As a swimsuit photographer, you’ll need the high-end skin retouching service very often. Also, if you’re dealing with sea jewelry or a swimsuit store, you can have a professional color correction at a really budget-friendly cost. We always value our client’s demands the highest. We repeat the post-processing work until the client approves. And we provide services 24/7. So, what are you waiting for?

I really hope to hear from you. I’m leaving the contact details on the button below. Stay tuned for our next blog for killer poses in swimsuits!


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