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Things You Must Know For Teen Photography

It’s rough being a teenager these days. Isn’t it? But I think being a teenager gives us an amazing time. Well, it gives us the hardest times too. Because this time will give you the best friendships and the worst heartbreaks, no? Although most teenagers are very shy and confusing. Because the teen periods of human life are very tough times. Still arranging a photoshoot for them can make them special. And as a photographer, you must know some things about teen photography.

Teen Photography

Speaking of teens, I often feel sorry for them. Because they are the most misunderstood people in the world. Let’s face it. We’ve all been that age but somehow we often forget those tough years. Not to mention we treat them as a child. And we expect them to act like an adult person. I mean, is it even fair? I guess not. However, parents now treat their teens with more care and attention than ever. That’s where teen photography comes from.

Teen Photoshoot

To make teenagers feel that they aren’t left out. Because their parents love them so much, arranging a photo shoot for them can really be the right idea.

Teen Photoshoot

Besides, teenagers these days love to take selfies. So, you can go creative with teen photography. Because they pass their high-school graduation, they begin to embrace their new hobbies, they get to try on new foods and dresses, and so on. So, when you’re photographing a teen or some teenagers, you’re doing teen photography. Quinceanera is another kind of teen photography.

Things You Should Do Before Teen Photography:

The boys and girls between thirteen to nineteen are called teenagers. You know that right? Yeah, kids who are about to step into eighteen are grown up enough. They’re confident enough too. But the kids between thirteen to seventeen? On the contrary, they’re vulnerable enough, if you ask me.

Teen Photography Tips

So, it’s better to ask your kid if she/he is okay with the photography session. Or if you’re the photographer here, you must talk to the teen before the photography session. That is if there is any location or place in the house where he/she’d love to pose. Or if there’s anyone with whom he/she would love to pose. Or if there’s anyone with whom he/she would love to bring in the photo session. Teens are really sensitive and most of them are shy in front of the camera. Ask them what makes him/her laugh. What he/she doesn’t like to do. So talking to them may open them up. And that can be really great for teen photography.

Things You Should Not Do During The Teen Photoshoot:

First of all, you should never force your teen to pose. Let him/her do whatever makes him/her comfortable in front of the camera. Forcing a teen to pose will make him upset. And that will obviously ruin your shot.

Teen Photography Tips

Secondly, convince the family of the teen to give the teen some space. Because like it or not, most parents love to boss around their kids. So, as this photoshoot is for the teen, he/she should be on her own. So, ask nicely to convince the parents so that they give them some space. Trust me, the teen will thank you for the rest of your life. They can move around the camera on their own. This will get you some candid teen photos.

Teen Photography Tips:

Now that you know the dos and don’ts of teen photography. Let’s get you some teen photography tips.

A Simple Background Is Nice:
Teen Photoshoot

Using a neutral or sleek background will focus on the subject. Because when you’re photographing a teen, you’re working with a lot of energy and youth. So, try to choose a simple background to focus on them. I mean, if you’re shooting outdoor, keep an eye on the scene if the background isn’t too complimentary.

Go Playful:
Teen Photography Tips

As I’ve said before, never force a teen to pose. Moreover, you’ll get even more beautiful teen portraits if you go candid. Or to let the teen pose as per their choice. For example, he/she can play with something with him/her best friend or cousin. If the teen is a bit introverted, let him be himself. Trust me, you’ll get a greater picture than ever.

Combine Hobby:
Teen Photoshoot

Kids get to try adult hobbies when they enter the teen period. I’ve seen many teenagers try to play the guitar, and try on a new look with a haircut or makeup. Or some love to put on earphones to listen to music. Not to mention they love to dance and sing. If you can combine the teen’s hobby during the photography session, you know you’ll nail it. And I bet even the teens will love it.

The Best Way Is To Treat Them Like Adults:
Teen Photography Tips

As I’ve said before, teens are really neglected in all kinds of society. Because they are treated like children and expected to act like adults. So, the best way to get the best teen photos is to treat them like adults. You can talk to them to open them up for the photoshoot. Besides, it’s never late to improve the world.

Encourage The Teen To Move Around:
Teen Photography Tips

Everyone loves to have candids. So, if you can encourage him/her to move around as per their liking, you’ll get some awesome teen portraits. In this case, try to shoot at the location of your subject’s preference. Because it will let the teen unwind.

Use Props:
Teen Photoshoot

Almost all kinds of photography genres call for props. So does teen photography. As for the props, you can use whatever props you can get or the teen likes. Now, of course, the props will be different as per the gender, age, and most importantly the choice of the teen.

Keep Everything Natural As Possible:
Teen Photography Tips

Many teens prefer to stay simple. I mean, many prefer not to wear excessive make-up or clothes. So, it’s better to keep everything simple.

Editing Is A Must:

Many teens, boys, or girls have their first pimples because of the hormonal changes. It’s another reason for teens to become shy. So, editing is a must. You may also need high-end skin retouching services. Or color-correction services. That’s when you’ll need professional help. Although I recommend you to use Clipping Amazon’s professional photo editing services.

Clipping Amazon
Clipping Amazon

Well, like I said above if something goes really wrong with your shots, you can take help of the professional photo editors. However, Clipping Amazon is a professional photo editing company just like that. So, you can always save the day of the wedding by taking our professional photo editing services. Because Clipping Amazon provides 17 kinds of photo editing services.Yeah, including photo manipulation and professional image cropping services too. Moreover, if something spoils your printed wedding photos, you can always go for our professional photo restoration services. Because we always value our clients the highest. Also, we provide services 24/7. So you can reach us any time. You can check out the quality of our work by trying our free trial. I’m leaving the free trial link on the button. And don’t worry, your hard-worked photos are always safe with us.


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