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How To Take Twilight Photos

They say the gate between shadow and light opens at the twilight hour. But do you know what really it is? What do you call the time between the golden hour and the blue hour? Yeah, that’s the twilight hour for you. Well, not only this hour is magical but also this hour can give you some photos that will be on-trend for ages to come. Yes, it’s that magical. So, I have taken the charge to write down some pointers. Pointers on how to take twilight photos.

Twilight Photography

I admit twilight photography wasn’t very popular at the first. But you know about the golden hour photography. Right? Because in photography, the golden hour is the best time of the day. That’s when twilight photos were invented. In fact, if you get up a little early before dawn or get out a bit later after dusk, you can get some beautiful twilight photos.

Golden Hour Photos

I won’t lie, taking the twilight photos are trickier. Or should I say you have to be faster? And why? Because this twilight hour doesn’t last much longer. So whatever you’re trying to capture or do, you must be very quick. Might I add, the right camera settings will do at least 50% of the job. The rest of the work is up to you. Whether you want to take natural twilight photos. Or it’s beautiful model photos. But did you know that most couples pick out the twilight hour for their romantic photoshoot? Because just after agreeing on such a beautiful thing, they’ll see the first rays of the Sun. Or maybe the last rays of the sun of the day. I, for one, think it’s very romantic. Not to mention, it helps me to take some killer twilight photos.

Golden Hour Photos

If you plan to take twilight photos during the sunset or sometimes after the sunset, you better keep some additional lighting with you. Because it’s always good to have a backup. Besides, these additional lights work like a lucky charm when you take twilight portraits. How? Keep reading!

Silhouette Photography:

Twilight Photos

Did I forget to mention that you can do unbelievable silhouette photography in the twilight hour? Yeah, silhouette photos are the best options to leave people speechless. And if you really want your silhouette photos that dramatic, you must take the in the twilight hour. It’s a shame though. that nobody talks about the connection between the silhouette and twilight photos. However, I think this concept adds more drama to the twilight photos.

Is Golden Hour And Twilight Hour Same?:

Golden Hour Photos

It’s true that almost everyone mixes the golden hour with the twilight hour. But the actual truth? It’s sometime before the golden hour and sometime after the golden hour. The similarity between these two is that these times come twice during the day. They look and sound almost the same. But trust me, they are not.

Twilight Photos With Real Estate Photography:

Twilight Photos

You may have heard that real estate photography uses the full advantage of the twilight hour. Because you can easily make your real estate photos stand out with the twilight period. If you go real estate photoshoot at the twilight hour, the light and shadow will make the estate more appealing. If you want to focus on what’s inside of the estate, or the color of the estate, twilight hour is your call. Because if you shoot at midday, I’m 100% sure harsh sunlight will ruin your every single shot. That’s why professional real estate photographers prefer the twilight hour.

Twilight Photography Tips:

They say to invest in the first hour of the day. Because then you can enjoy the golden hour of the day! So, you’ll need these tips to invest in the first hour of the day or the first hour of the night.

Too Soon Is Better Than Too Late:
Golden Hour Photos

It’s a saying. I mean, isn’t it better to go to the photoshoot location early? One or two hours perhaps? Because you’ll have enough time to scout the location for a better view and angle. Also, you’ll get enough time to set up additional lighting and other things in position.

The best part is, you can shoot a lot of test shots if you go early. Because I’m afraid you won’t get much time! Besides, practice never hurts. So if you do some test shots you’ll realize the kind of camera settings you need.


For starters, DSLRs are just fine. But you can also pick any camera that works well in low light. Tripods are also welcomed for taking twilight photos. Because the real estate and nature, both photos call for long exposures. And it also causes the camera shaking too. So, to save your shots, a tripod is a very good option.


You may also count on a remote shutter release. As I’ve said before, you won’t get much time for twilight photos. So every second is countable. A remote shutter release will help you to prevent the unwanted movement of the camera.

If you want your subject to look brighter than the surroundings, using an ND filter will do just the job. Also, you may need a head torch and a zoom lens.

Taking Photos In Manual Mode:
Manual Mode

I know taking twilight photos on manual mode is not easy. But it’ll help you to control camera settings. Do you know how that helps? The main process of twilight photos is to keep taking photos and changing the camera settings. After the photo session, you can check out the photos. This is because you never know when you’ll hit the exact moment.

Suitable Camera Settings For Twilight Photos:

As I’ve said before, you can take twilight photos in many ways. Twilight portraits are dramatic of all time. You can also take landscape photos. And don’t get me started on the real estate photos. But all these genres need different kinds of camera settings. Let’s see.

As for twilight portraits, it’s wise to use a lower aperture. Maybe f/1.2? Lower ISO values will also do just great. Professionals go for 1600 ISO. And the shutter speed will be 1/5.

For real estate photography, you can adjust the camera as in the aperture for f/4-8. And the ISO 3200 with a shutter speed of 1/40.

Lastly, for landscape twilight photos, you can set the aperture to f/11, the ISO 100, and the shutter speed to 1/10.

Apart from the above settings, you can always adjust the camera settings as per your choice. But these are the primary settings for the different kinds of subjects.

A Flash Is A Must:
Use A Flash

In twilight photography, a flash is the second most important thing after the camera. Because you’ll need an extra light source. That’s for sure when you’re taking twilight portraits. Otherwise, the portraits will look dark. Mistakes like these are something that even photo editors can’t fix. No matter what the subject is, you must use a flash.

Keep The HDR Tricks In Mind:
HDR Photos

This tip is for real estate photographers mainly. Because focusing on the property details is the ultimate goal of real estate photography. And the twilight hour is the perfect time for that. But as it calls for a long exposure shot, you may want to cast some HDR tricks for highlighting the details. HDR photography goes really well with the twilight hour.

Editing Is A Must:

Twilight photos are very sensitive ones. So, you have to care for them very very carefully. Highlighting the lights and shadows will take your twilight photos to the next level. Might I add, not all the professional editors can edit the twilight photos up to the mark? Yes, among all the photos, twilight photos, HDR photos, and golden hour photos are the trickiest to edit. The perfect white balance, color saturation makes a photo of its best version. So you better hand it over to a professional. Why Not Clipping Amazon?

Clipping Amazon
Clipping Amazon

First things first. Clipping Amazon is a very professional photo editing service provider company. We provide 17 kinds of photo editing services including HDR photo editing. Also, we provide clipping path, image masking, image cleaning, photo manipulation, color enhancement, etc. We also do ads design and magazine cover design. As for HDR or HDR real estate photography, you’ll need a complex clipping path and professional photo manipulation services. Also, you’ll need color enhancement every now and then to show off the light and shadow. In Clipping Amazon, we always value our clients the highest. We always edit the photos in a few steps. And we continue the process until our clients approve. You can have our services 24/7. Moreover, you’ll never have to worry about the on-time delivery.

Last but not the least, don’t forget to try your free trial to see how your HDR photos look! I’m leaving the details on the button.


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