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Some Ultimate Types Of Product Photography- Know Your Business’s Need!

Photography- a word mixed with passion, long dream, and success. Although photography wasn’t exactly a part of the business before now things have really changed. Because now every single online and local business are using photos of their product. That’s where the product photography term came. In this blog, I’ll write down some types of product photography. So that you can pick the product photography type as per your needs. So lets see!

Why Different Types Of Product Photography Matters?

Like I said, photography wasn’t really a valuable job just a few years ago like it is now. Why? Because it was nothing but the photographer’s passion. People laughed at them But now people run after a professional photographer for his service. Because at first, there wasn’t any classification of product photography. As time passed, now there are many types of product photography.

Different business or eCommerce stores call for different types of product photography services. Because different companies have different products or services. And different products call different photography shots. So, the importance or the fact of different types of product photography really matters for your business.

Also, some bigger companies have their own professional photographers. So they can have any types of product photography they need. But if you’re running a small eCommerce store? What will you do then? Then you can go for a professional freelance photographer. Trust me they’re not half bad. But you must need product photography if want to thrive.

How Product Photography Matters:

Your eCommerce depends on many metrics. How so? Like your audience or clients. When they’re more in number at your website, on which page they’re staying much time. Also, how many of them are male or female, their age, and so many things. Growing your conversion will come from these facts. And you need product images to attract your audience.

A perfect and high-quality product imagery is in charge for driving your audience high. Wait, doesn’t SEO matter the most for these? yeah that’s technically true. But what if you’re doing a dull product photo but professional SEO?

Let’s be practical here, you’re searching for a product. Now if there a dull product photo pops up in front of you, will you buy it? Definitely no. And why? Because that image doesn’t invoke any emotion inside you. But this dull image popped up because-

  • Either its SEO was done in right way
  • Or there is black hat SEO

Whatever the reason is, if the photo is not good then it will create negative impression on your business. So, product photography matters the most.

Types Of Product Photography Suitable For Your Business:

The types of photography. They’re basically divided based on the number of shots, size, etc. And there are many types. So I’ll write down the most trendy types of product photography. So that you can pick up your own type.

Single Or Individual Product Photography:
Single Product

Although this kind of product photography isn’t really in use nowadays. Still, some companies use this product photography sometimes. Like when you’re launching a new dress or a new perfume or anything like that. Then you’ll need single product photography.

Meaning, when you’re shooting or spending a dollar for one product, it’s called individual product photography.

Group Product Photography:
Group Product Photography

This type of product photography is widely used nowadays. Why? Because in this photography, you can shoot for multiple products at a time. Also, this kind of product photography saves money.

Mainly, dress shops, shoe stores, and make-up stores use this photography more. Because you can sell products in a combo offer by this. So, you can put the product in one place and click! It’s a popular type of product photography.

Scaled Product Photography:
Scaled Photography

Among all the size-related types of product photography, this one is widely done. Many eCommerce stores use this product photography.

Because, no matter how many nice photos you’re uploading, if your audience remains confused about the size of the product you’re trying to sell. What’s the point then?

So, what I mean is scale product photography lets your audience realize the actual size of the product. Like, if you’re trying to sell a wall clock. You’ll have to go for scale product photography because then people will see how it will fit in their bedroom or drawing-room wall. Many eCommerce stores that deal with different kinds of accessories, use this product photography.

Lifestyle Product Photography:
Lifestyle Photography Grabs More Attention

This is another very popular product of photography. If you can do this right way, your audience will knock you in no time? Why? Because it will create urgency among them to buy your product. Yes, lifestyle product photography has its perks.

So in lifestyle product photography, the product and its use or benefits will be shown in one frame. I mean, your product and its use in real life will be clicked in one frame. This type of product photography drives the customers most.

Home appliances, portable kitchen accessories, cosmetics, etc use this type of product photography.

360-Degree Product Photography:
360 Photography

Okay, the types of product photography I’ve said above, this one’s a bit different. Not many eCommerce stores call for this product photography. So the business that targets a specific group of people as an audience and deals with specific products uses 360-degree product photography.

Mainly sport shoe brands like Nike, Adidas use this photography. Brands that deal with bags or jewelry also use this. This kind of product photography gives you the liberty of presenting your product from every single angle.

But if you’re going for this product photography, make sure your website’s loading speed is high enough.

White Background Product Photography:
Product Photography On White Background

White background product photography is normally the most basic type of studio product photography. Because shooting for a product keeping it in a white background. Tell me, didn’t you see this before?

This kind of product photography is mainly used for giving the actual vibe of the product. Besides, you’ll have a natural shadow of your product if you do this product photography. Some call it plain background photography.

Hanging Product Photography:
Hanging Product Photography

Mainly, when you want to give your product a 3D look, you’ll go for hanging product photography. This type of product photography is very popular in the apparel business, eCommerce clothing stores, jewelry stores, and home decorations.

In this photography, you’ll need to hang the product with some thin rope. Then, after the photoshoot, a professional editor edits the photos. He changes the background and removes the ropes. So that the product gets a real 3D look.

So, these were the types of product photography I knew. If there is any other type of product photography you know, please let us know by commenting below. I’ve tried to write down broadly along with product photography tips. I hope my blog was helpful enough for your business.

For more professional photography tips you can check out our blog site. There are many blogs about product photography tips, product photography tips for clothing, etc.

Clipping Amazon:
Clipping Amazon

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