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Capture Memories In Another World: Underwater Photography

Lives beneath the water have always called us for exploring. How can you deny it? There’s so much in there! Right? The colorful reefs, so many colorful fishes, and others. Besides, I bet you can’t forget about collecting the beautiful seashells. Yes, you’re right. In this blog, we’ll talk about underwater photography. So grab your seat. Because we’re about to dive in!

What Is Underwater Photography?

Concept of Underwater Photography

I’m sure you’ve been underwater. Haven’t you? The term ‘photography’ comes with a scene where you see a person taking photos. Right? So, this underwater photography comes with the same vibe. The only difference is, you’re taking photos of a whole new world. Well, really wonderful and mysterious world.

When going for underwater photography, be sure to be amazed by its broadness. One good thing about sea life photography is that it’ll never disappoint you. You’ll be surprised by something somehow. If you can’t find any life shaped in fish, there are vibrant coral reefs always.

Remember one thing when you go for photo shooting in sea life, you’re the photographer as well as the discovery. To me, sea life is always ambient and majestic. The endless shape of life, colors, reefs in water has taken underwater photography to a new level. So, are you ready to dive deeper?

Put On Your Scuba-Suit!

Don’t get too surprised, you have to care about safety. Isn’t it? When you set your mind to underwater ocean photography, you need to make preparations. If you want to come up with stunning photos, that is! Why? Because not all the cameras are suitable in salty water. Also, you need to take lenses with you. As far as I know, fishes or other creatures are very quick moving. Also, they’re not used to have intruders. So, if you’re not prepared, the chances of taking photos of fish or sting-rays are 0%. So, if you want to pull off your underwater ocean photography, let’s make some preparations!

Underwater Photographer

Practice To Know Your Camera:

This is the very first and foremost tip for underwater photography. Why? Well, why not? You need to know your camera before diving underwater. If your camera is water-friendly or not. If it is, where are all the buttons. What are its special underwater features, etc? And it’s a vital need that you check all these before photo shooting.

For starters, you can go into the swimming pool behind your house. Or if you’re feeling more confident, then you can try any watery land. But make sure that’s safe before diving. Besides, you can find some best cameras perfectly suited for underwater photography in Sony, Canon, or Nikon, etc.

Using A Strobe Doesn’t Hurt:

A Strobe Gives You Enough Light

What’s a strobe? Well, it’s an element in your watery camera kit. It helps to add more light to your underwater scene. And adding light to your scene helps to bring out the actual colors of your subject. Besides, it removes the greenish-blue wavelengths that ruin most of the underwater photos. So, using a strobe certainly upgrades your photos. It’s also very helpful when you’re photographing quick-moving sea life.

Shutter Speed Is Always Confusing:

I admit it’s a quite difficult issue in underwater ocean photography. Because the photographers always face a dilemma whether they should higher the shutter speed or lower the shutter speed. Do you know what’s the difference between these? The slower shutter speed underwater will give you more light. And that actually helps too. But the lower shutter speed of your camera underwater makes your focus or subject blurry. Now tell me, if the subject of your photo gets blurry, what’s the point of photographing?

Similarly, a higher shutter speed will let you take detailed photos, and freeze the subject’s motion. But the background will be black or darker than usual. Although a solid black background looks pretty nice to me. So, I prefer the high shutter speed in underwater photography.

Don’t Miss The Surrounding:

Tale Of A Frog & Water Lilies

When you’re going underwater photoshoot, don’t forget to capture the surroundings. Why? Because it never hurts to take a photo of a sea-gull that’s hunting a fish. Does it? Or if you’re taking photos in local watery lands, you can take photos that are roaming over lotus leaves.

You can also take some photos of lilies or lotuses. Trust me, these are not your photography subject. But these photos add a wonderful site to your photography portfolio. As I said, there’s always something to take photos in underwater photography.

Take Photos When The Sun Is Overhead:

Take Photos Under The Sun

Although most of the photography categories tell us not to photoshoot under direct sunlight. But underwater photography tells us to do the opposite! Why? Because even if the sun is over your head directly, it affects you differently underwater. As you know, there is a lacking of life underwater. So, you can take photos more beautiful when the sun is over you.

Capture Some Lives In Shoal:

Shoal Of Fish

Although this situation doesn’t happen very often. But this kind of picture is kind of mandatory in underwater photography.

Besides, you must take picture of the nature of marine life. So taking a photo of the shoal of fish or sea lions is very important. Capture the photos of their activities when they’re in the group.

Don’t Forget To Take A Solo!:

A Solo Turtle In The Reef

Mainly, commercials or calendar companies, or publications call for this type of photo. And it would be really nice if you can take some solo pictures from different angles just to put more focus on the subject.

Photos of different kinds of fish, a single turtle, or a jellyfish always are required by publishing companies. Also, you can use it in any documentary. To make this kind of picture, you must avoid the local spots and go for underwater ocean photography.

It’s Good To Stay In Shallow Water:

Shallow Water Is Safe For You

Why not? It’s good to stay in shallow water. Because the underwater world is awesome as well as dangerous. As a photographer, care for own safety comes first. You can’t ignore the deadliest great white shark, stonefish, or sea snakes. So, if you go for a deeper sea area, don’t forget to take a guide. And always follow your guide’s directions.

And don’t worry, you can take wonderful undersea photos from shallow water.

Don’t Forget To Get Close To Your Subject:

Use A Telephoto Lens

These kinds of close photos always focus on specific sea creatures. And trust me, everyone demands these photos. But the only problem is, how would get close? Am I right?

Well, the simplest and the most effective solution is to attach a telephoto lens to your camera. So that you can take close photos easily without disturbing the subject.

Focus On The Eye:

Focus On The Eye

Focusing on the eye of the subject always grows more attention. It’s not just in underwater photography. All the photography types such as birds or wildlife photography. Besides, it represents the nature and habitat of that subject. So, it’s very important that you take at least one photo that focuses on your subject.

Editing Is A Must:

Almost all the photographers need to go for editing their photos. Why? Because although photo editing costs some of your dollars, it improves the quality of your photos. By making your photos more representable, you can grab much attention beyond your imagination. There are many photo editing companies available on the net. But careful, not all companies know to edit underwater photos perfectly.

Besides, we all know underwater is always a bit hazy. There aren’t lights available always. So, editing underwater photos are kind of mandatory. For a budget-friendly cost and quality photo editing, you can go for Clipping Amazon.

Ignore Photo Type Rule:

Half Water & Half Sky

As I’ve said before, there is always something that you can use in underwater photography. So, even if you plan to take photos of some sea-lions and don’t see any. Do you know what that means? That means you can take photos of whatever you want.

This is one of the most favorite underwater photography tips of mine. In photography, you need to break the rules very often. And don’t worry. Breaking the rules is the tip that makes photography fun. Also, it gives you outstanding photos.

So, that was all about the underwater photography do’s & don’ts. The main point is if you can follow these tips you’ll be able to take amazing photos. Also, you’ll find your job most fun and adventurous. You can also check out videos about the ‘Earth Hour‘ which was mainly on sea lives.

Why Clipping Amazon?
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