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Vexels; Is Vexel Art Same as Vector Images?

If you’re a blogger or run your own website. Then probably you haven’t heard the name of vexels or vexel art. Did you? Many take vexel art as similar as vector art. Like a vexel art is a very detailed representation of a photographer. But sadly, this is not the correct idea. In this blog, I’ll try to give you a clear idea about what vexel art is, why people use it. And of course, why it is different from vector images.

What Is A Vexel Art?

Vexel Art Of A Girl

Naturally, the word ‘vexel’ gives a clear vibe of where did it come from. Well, it came from the word ‘pixel’ & ‘vector’. And vexels are referred for a bunch of vexel arts. A picture that is raster image-based and uses solid or gradient-colored layered shapes to have a visual look as a vector image is called a vexel picture.

As raster images are pixel-based, and editors edit vexels imitating the techniques of vector art. That’s one reason people named it vexel. But do you know the fun part? It’s you can’t even tell the difference between a vector and vexel. Why? Yes, my dear, they are almost way too much similar to differentiate.

Okay, I can help you there. I mean a trick of how you can tell whether it is a vector or a vexel art. As vexel art is created upon raster layers, if you keep zooming in a photo, you will see the square-shaped pixels at one point. Whether a vector art is different. If you check out my previous blog about raster and vector images, you’ll realize more clearly. Because vector images are based on mathematic formulas. So if you zoom in vector art, no matter how you zoom it in you won’t see a pixel or anything. Although, both pictures give the same effect or appearance.

What Makes Vexel Different?

It is already a confusing subject that a vexel is a sub-category under vector art. But sorry, they are totally different. In all ways possible they are different. Because vexel and vector art look all the same. Still, vexels are upper classed raster images. Just because they are made of the following vector art techniques doesn’t make them vector art. Vector art or vector conversion has its perks. Whether vexels haven’t. Although people are now using vexels widely in different sectors.

Is Vexel Art Cheating?

Well, what do you think? Both arts look the same and yet their inner quality isn’t the same. Even if so, a vexel art is not a cheat. I mean, why so? Because tracing images is not cheating. Besides, you can tell by zooming in on a picture.

How Vexel Art Came?
Invention Of Vexels Art

Many people think this art is made in illustrator as vector art. But no, you can make beautiful vexels by using photoshop. Now, you may think. ‘why?’ First of all, you’ll need the help of a pen tool or lasso tool to select the object. Then a raster-based program, for example, PaintShop pro to feel the tool used area.

When the idea of this art came to people’s minds, they thought they’re creating vector art. But day by day, this process became more popular and people began to think that that’s not vector art.

Vector and vexel confliction aside, there’s another confusion. Many editors think as they’re using the pen tool, then they’re making vexels too. Well, it’s completely wrong. Because it’s not enough to use just a pen tool or lasso tool. Why? Because, you also need to trace the shapes of the image, create duplicates and stylize the version.

My point is although both arts are similar in appearance, still, both of the images have their use.

Why People Create Vexel Instead of Vector?

Well, you may be wondering that if vexel is not a vector, then why people are using it? There could be many reasons actually. Because vector conversion services take time. Also, some editors can be a master at using pen tool very perfectly. They may want to use photoshop. On the other hand, some are experts in Illustrator. They may prefer vector art. But no matter what, people use both kinds of art widely in the T-shirt printing business, banner, logo, or mock-up. So you can pick any as per your need.

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