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Tips And Ideas For Vintage Photoshoot

There’s vintage about everything we see. Because this comes with age and experience. That’s why everything that’s vintage catches our eyes very quickly, no? I don’t know if that’s the reason. Because even after living in this modern time and hi-tech society, we always long for a vintage lifestyle. Also, we admire the people who follow the vintage style. So, in this blog, we’re gonna talk about the vintage photoshoot ideas.

What Is Vintage Photography?

Vintage Photoshoot Ideas

You should know one thing before diving into vintage photography. That is the time. Anything in the 19th century is called vintage. Anything at all, really. Because, the car, the dresses, the lifestyle and everything are quite rare now. I mean, let’s talk about fashion. The dresses people used to wear in that times are rarely seen these days, no? Also, what about the car? Car lovers look for vintage cars these days like hawks. And you know what? They intend to buy vintage cars with a good amount of money.

Women Talking In Telephone

Also, the makeup looks, the architecture of the home, and the wedding look in the 19th century are vintage. I mean, you won’t have any problems with vintage photoshoot ideas. Just make sure you follow the right time track.

So, when you’re capturing retro lives and all that, yes, you’re doing vintage photography.

Colorful Vs. Black And White Retro Life:

Vintage Photography

Okay, I know that vintage photoshoot is mostly black and white. But also, the retro vibe is meant to be colorful, no? So, you better decide what kind of theme you want to pick. Color or black and white? But if you ask me, I think keeping 80% of photos black and white will do the trick. And the rest of the 20% can be colorful. If you can mix colors well with the vintage photoshoot, You’ll nail it like hell. Yes, let’s see.

Retro Vibes In Fashion World For Vintage Photoshoot:

When it comes to fashion, especially in the vintage world, there are endless things to take photos of. So, let’s get you some heads up-

Fur Dresses And Jackets:
Vintage Photoshoot Ideas

Okay, just so you know, a fur dress doesn’t mean anything to animal cruelty. But back in the 19th century, fur coats and dresses were meant to be very classy and elegant. Also, it represents the ultimate luxury. So, people who were rich enough those days, wore fur coats and dresses. So, you can definitely use that as vintage photoshoot ideas.

Shirts With Collars And High-Waist Pants:

Vintage Menswear

People wore high-waist pants with collared shirts as casual wear at that time. They also wore bell-bottom pants. Oh, these dresses are unisex. Because both men and women were comfortable with this look. Now whether you want to capture it colorful or in black and white is totally up to you.

Steampunk Vibe:
Steampunk Scientist

Oh well, people celebrate technology in Victorian times. And the people who worked with the technology were known as steampunk people. So, this can a killer vintage photoshoot idea. Because the steampunk vibe definitely goes like chocolate and peanut butter with the vintage photoshoot.

Dresses Or Shirts With Polka Dots:

Polka Dots

Oh, polka dots were all over in the 19th century. And might I add, these polka dots were for everyone. Because men wore shirts with polka dots. And the women? From swimsuits to fashion runway, polka dots were everywhere. And the secret tip is you better capture this in a black and white version. Because that will bring out the actual vintage vibe.

Don’t Forget The Corsets:
Wear Corsets

If there’s any dress that shouts loud ‘I’m the roaring retro’ it’s the corset. It’s feminine, yes? With a lot of sexiness, charm, and a hint of dark vibe. Yes, this is why photographing a model wearing corset is a must in a vintage photoshoot. Either you can take a shot representing a disco vibe or you can capture it with a sexy vibe in a bedroom.

The Hairstyles:

Vintage Hairstyle

The 19th century has offered us some amazing hairstyles to wear. Some of the hairstyles are still on the trend. Make sure you keep some photos only focusing on the hairstyles.

Now, that you’ve seen the vintage photoshoot in the fashion world. Let’s get a seat in the time travel car to see another part

Cars That Jump Out Of The Victorian Ages:

Vintage Photoshoot

Do you know what car lovers say about vintage cars? They say old cars are not dead cars. Because they’re the dads of all the new and modern cars. And If you ask me, I think nothing is better than a classic car. It’s always in style. But this kind of photo shines the brightest in black and white.

Vintage Car Photography

But you know what I think? If you can manage one or two models for photographing vintage cars, then adding some colors can go a long way. But you must make sure the models are wearing clothes from the Victorian ages. Now, you will be able to put the final pin on the coffin by managing a couple wearing vintage clothes posing with the cars. I mean, if that doesn’t go viral. I don’t know what will.

But keep in mind that, vintage or modern, photographing cars is very sensitive. You can get the full guide on car photography on our site.

Cycles That Have Flower Cases:

Oh, did I forget to mention the cycles? You know, long before the steampunk invented steam cars, there was this cycle all over the victorian times. Also, I bet you’ve seen in the movies too that people are using cycles as an easy vehicle.

Vintage Couple

Now, for a vintage vibe. You can have a couple wearing country wear and posing in the cycles. Oh, don’t forget to put a rose basket in front of the case of the cycle. If you want to capture some vintage romance in your photo session, this is where you take the chance.

Umbrella Or The Parasol:


Last but not the least, you don’t see women using parasols these days. Do you? Because using parasols was a show of upper social rankings for women in those times. Before capturing that, make sure your model is wearing a vintage gown. And if you want to speak for a simple umbrella, that will do the trick too. Also, try to do it in a colorful way instead of black and white.

Recreate The Vintage Life In Villages:

Village Life

If you’re looking for an easy vintage photoshoot opt. Then this can do just the trick. How so? Just get out on the Texas road. The ranch lifestyle there will give the right amount of country look mixed with a vintage vibe. Because the farmers there still wear vintage clothes. Moreover, you can capture the village market as an east option for the vintage photoshoot. Also, doing it in black and white will be perfect.

Vintage Portraits Are On The Trend Always:

If anything that’s still on the trend besides the cars, it’s the portraits. Yes, the idea of classic portraits came to life in the victorian ages. Although long before photography was invented, the kings and queens used to have portraits as hand-drawn paintings.


Then people learned photography, those hand-drawn paintings were replaced by portraits. Although photographers these days hardly follow the rules of portraits. But you can follow the rules for once and have a perfect portrait in vintage style.

A Shot In The Railway Station:

At The Train

Oh well, we’re going with all the cars, cycles, and all that. Then why not the railway station. Any rail station that’s abandoned will be perfect. Now, don’t forget to wear your model county clothes with hats. Because hats were used as a symbol of a higher position in society. Also, you’ve seen the Queen Mother of England, The Princess of Wales, and The Duchess of Cambridge with hats, no? There are certain hats that only a queen can wear. The same goes with the Duchess and Countess too. I mean, just look at it. A simple hat can matter that big, huh?

A Bride Wearing A Vinatge Gown:
Vintage Photography

If you follow the wedding photography sites that is. It’s a prime demand of the clients to capture at least one or two photos that look vintage. Also, the bride and groom who love to wear traditional dresses at their wedding spend a good amount of dollars on a vintage outfit. So, yeah why not? Oh, remember to highlight the red color in the photos.

Stack Your Photos For Editing:

Every photo needs editing more or less. The same goes with the vintage photos too. But vintage photos need different kinds of editing. Because black and white photography may be very old, editing them calls for skilled hands. I hope you realize how this works with vintage photography. So, if you don’t do your post-processing work, don’t pick just any random photo editing company. You can definitely try Clipping Amazon.

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Photo Retouching Services

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