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Water Photography: Learn How To Capture Water

Taking photos of water? Oh my!! Seriously? Why not? Although water is the most delicate element in the world. You don’t mind watching the droplets of water by your window. Do you? I guess, everyone does. The tiny drops of water soothe your eye when it’s locked up on a photo. It’s certainly nothing special but somehow the whole world is after this kind of photo. So, in this blog, we’ll learn about water photography.

What Is Water Photography?

Water Photography Ideas

Photographing water can be an awesome start to your photography portfolio. Because, it’s a broadway to take pictures from any angle, or in any way you want. Even the single ripple of water looks gleaming in pictures. Besides, there’s always water splash photography. And if you ask me, who doesn’t want to make a splash on the entryway? So, photographing water could be your splash in the photography world.

When we talk about water photography, a lot of options come into our minds. You can capture the rain, the waterfall, your favorite swimming pool, or your favorite lake, or the beach. No matter what place you choose to take photos, you’re doing water photography. Although taking photos of rainfall and waterfall calls for different photography categories. But these are water photography too.

Some Ideas On Capturing Droplets & Splashes:

As I said the concept of water photography comes in so many versions. Different versions call for different set-up and tricks. In this blog, I’ll try to note down as many tricks I know and can. So let’s get started!

Combine Light With Water:

Combine Sunlight With Water

Lights can give you some outstanding photos. Or maybe not? The point is there plays delicate chemistry between the sun and water. If you can use this chemistry to your advantage.

The fact is when the sun is glowing intense but dim, the reflection on the water would be one of a kind. And when the sun is glowing too bright, it’s probably best not to shoot. Besides, this combination of the sun’s rays and its reflection on the water is the most traditional water reflection photography idea.

Water Drop Photography:

Water Drop Photography

Among all the water photography categories, you can try this one home. And guess what? It’s pretty easy. You can also call it macro photography. Because the water drops are really small to see in open eyes. You can do it in the backyard of your home and turn on the garden tap. Then capture the drops falling from the tap. This is the easiest option to practice water drop photography.

The point is water drops are something we see in our everyday life. But we rarely pay attention to it. But a perfectly captured photo of a single water drop is enough to make us stop right on our tracks. And because of this beauty, the demand for water drop photography will never be changed.

Capture The Rain:

Rain Photography

When it comes to water photography, you must capture some rain. Imagine, you’re taking photos of the sprinkles that are falling direct from the sky! The most beautiful thing to capture! Although there are some steps to keep your camera safe. For basic protection, you can buy a clear plastic bag and a rubber band. To get more visible sprinkles, take photos against the light. And of course, keep the shutter speed low.

Capture The Splash:

Water Splash Photography

This is another traditional photography type of underwater photography. Water splash photography is the oldest kind of photography type. Maybe the second oldest type?

You can take a clear glass and set it on a table. Then ask someone to drop something in the glass from the top. Use a macro lens to catch the details. If possible, use a mini light and set it behind the glass so that you can catch the details more accurately. Trust me, water splash photography is another one of a kind.

Try Rivers & Streams:

We talked about macro photography from the beginning. But water photography is much more than that. How so? Because taking photos of rain, water droplets, or splashes is pretty different than in rivers and streams. If you want to keep a soft and misty vibe on your photos. Then you better go to a riverside or a stream. Because these are the perfect place for misty water photos.

The slower your camera shutter speed is, the silky smooth misty vibe you’ll get. Also, going for a large aperture lets you create more background and foreground blur. If you want to get close-ups. Or the small aperture also goes well in detailed photography.

Finding A Focal Length Will Do Good:

Water Reflection Photography

Every single picture should have a story to present. Or to tell. That’s why you need to find a focal length when you go for water reflection photography. A focal length helps you to focus on a certain subject and that subject will represent the whole story or summary of the photo.

Taking Photos Of Fountains:

Fountains Can Be A Good Practice

A fountain in the city square looks pretty cool, right? This can be a part of your water splash photography too! And after trying photography at home, this is the second easiest option for you. Just walk around the fountain and click! Obviously, click from different angles. And don’t forget to use a polarizing filter and a macro lens.

A Neutral Density Filter Is Very Necessary:

Water Stream

Okay, just so you know, this filter is like the best friend of every landscape photographer. Why? Because this filter balances underexposure and overexposure. And both of these settings ruin your photos. So, when you’re going to capture a broad seascape photo, keep this filter with you.

Post-Processing Is A Must:

The water photos you see on many websites. They are very tempting as well as beautiful. Isn’t it? But none of these photos are raw. Why? Because a raw photo always lacks colors, brightness, and others. That’s why even after a famous photographer is posting about his upcoming photos. He posts it later. Because you cant grab many eyes if you keep posting raw photos on your website. Besides, water reflection photography and water splash photography call for detailed editing. So, this is a must-follow step.

Diving Underwater Sounds Fun!:


Don’t just click above the watery surface. Dive into the water sometimes. Believe me, underwater photography is much more fun and adventurous! But before jumping in the water, make sure you’re taking enough protection for your camera.

Well, that was all about my water photography ideas. The flow of rain or the waterfalls is never the same. So, capturing them from a different angle at different times of the day is not easy. Besides, camera protection is a must. Moreover, very few companies can edit the photos of water droplets correctly. So, finding a suitable one to edit your photos is another hard task. But I can suggest you one. That’s Clipping Amazon.

Why Clipping Amazon?
Clipping Amazon

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Water is an element that you can capture in any way you want. Romantic, tears, rain, little drops, etc. So take photos and drop them at the button below to grab your free deal!!


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