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Wedding Photography Ideas

Are you at the beginning stage of wedding photography? Dreaming to be a good wedding photographer? No worry! This article is going to describe some wedding photography ideas for beginners. Hope you will benefit from these. If you follow these tips and work hard, your wedding photos will be attractive and guaranteed to clients.

So to put your name at the top of the best photographer list, go through the article.

Wedding Photography Ideas- How To Take Wedding Photos:

We all know about the wedding places’ environment. It is always a decorated place full of people. This place also contains lots of lighting. So, it is difficult for photographers to capture perfect and fresh wedding photos. These wedding photography ideas will help you to handle this situation. Also, these will help you to produce some good photos.

Wedding Photography Ideas-Make A Shot List:

At the very top of wedding photography ideas is “making a list”. You should make a list of some photography styles on your own. Every photographer has a list of successful styles or poses. So, why shouldn’t you? But don’t forget to ask your clients how they would like to capture their photos.

Think about all details and capture them all. Fix some special poses for couples alone and some with relatives. Besides that, give couples a space to pose by themself. Also, asked the couples if they have some unique poses or not.

Be Careful About Your Camera And Lenses:

Before going to any wedding event, check your camera and lenses. These are the main and crucial facts of capturing good wedding photos.  Even before clicking wedding photos, be sure about the camera setting first. Good preparation can bring a good result.


Try to keep a camera backup always. If somehow your camera making disturbs, you can use it immediately. Always try to use good lenses. So that, you can get some fresh photos in every situation.

Take Helps From A Family Member:

Capturing a full family photo is a very difficult part of the list of wedding photography ideas.


People are too busy around you. They all are unknown to you. No one will cooperate with you at all. So, you have to find someone who can help you to gather all family members at a time of capturing family photos.

You can ask couples to name a person from each side to help them pose in front of the camera. Because couples can feel shy at that time.

Capture The Location Beforehand:

A wedding venue is one of the most important parts of a wedding ceremony.  Capturing wedding venues photos is one of the lists of wedding photography ideas. So, try to capture a photo of it before entering anyone there.


And also try to be familiar with the place. So that you can make a good plan where the light and background view will help you most.

Use Your Time:

Time is very precious. You have to capture everything from the wedding place. If you miss anything, then your client will be upset with you. So be careful about it and plan your all-day work. For that, know about the event when the ring ceremony, vows exchange ceremony, bouquet throwing, and dance will take place and where. And schedule your work according to the events. If you think you need someone to help with your work, then hire an assistant.

Wedding Photography Ideas-Try To Know The Couples:

A couple is the main part of a wedding ceremony. As a photographer, your priority should be a couple. You have to capture their photos with more care, though all photos should be good. So, to capture beautiful photos with beautiful poses, you have to know the couple well. You have to know their attitude too. How do they love to capture their photos? Ask them and if necessary give them some suggestions. According to me, this is one of the best wedding photography ideas.

Capture Single Photos Of Bride & Groom:


It is not always mandatory that you have to take a couple’s photos of the bride and groom. You can capture single photos of them. Mostly everyone wants to be gorgeous on their wedding day. Especially brides do so many preparations to be beautiful. So, they deserve to capture their photos alone to expose themselves. I think this is very important. So, I include this in the list of wedding photography ideas.

Try To Make Comfort The Couple:

Being comfortable is very important while capturing photos. And it is necessary when you are capturing wedding photos. So, you have to talk with couples and make them feel comfortable.


If necessary, explain everything in a simple way to couples. Keep remembering that, at this time, they stay very confused about everything. So, never be loud with them, rather, make them confident.

Don’t Forget To Capture Wedding Food:


Another one from wedding photography ideas is capturing photos of wedding foods. It is not so important but not too useless. Try to include food photos with other wedding photos. The wedding day will be a memorable day for the couples and their family within a few days. So, the food photos can be a good memory for them. And for that, don’t miss any chance to capture beautiful photos of wedding foods at all.

Shoots Some Photos With Natural Lights:


We all know that, wedding venues are full of artificial lights. And we also use artificial lights to capture wedding photos. But sometimes trying to capture photos with natural light is a good sign. You have to be careful about natural light while capturing photos. Don’t choose much sunlight or shadow for wedding photos.  So, you have to choose a perfect place for it.

Wedding Photography Ideas-Use Props:


Using props is a crucial one in the list of wedding photography ideas. Perfect props can make a photo perfect. So, try to use props in wedding photography. You can use lights, flowers, colors, and many more as props.  But, all props should be matched with the wedding theme.

Capture Every Single Details:

You can’t miss anything to capture from a wedding place. You and your team should be very active in every way. Capture everything like who are dancing, laughing, kids are playing, grandparents are gossiping. Try to keep an eye on wedding photo booths. How everyone captures their photos, how they are using the place etc.

Capture a photo of a wedding dress, shoes, pieces of jewelry. Capture photos when brides are making over themselves. Brides’ parents and movements of them can be a matter of capturing too.

Wedding Photography Ideas-Grand Exit:

Don’t miss the grand exit of the wedding couple. It is the final activity of a wedding ceremony.  All wedding receptions end with a grand exit. It’s a ritual to walk the bride and groom together as a married couple. Their grand exit can be memorable to them. So, don’t miss it.

Finally Edit The Wedding Photos:

The last one but not the least is wedding photo editing. Editing wedding photos is the most crucial part of wedding photography ideas.


No one is perfect. Mistakes can happen to anyone. And if you are a beginner, then it is not impossible to make mistakes. So to erase those problems from photos, try wedding photo editing services. You can edit your photos by yourself. But if you are not an expert on it, then try professionals’ help. There are so many professional photo editing companies. Clipping Amazon is one of them.

Clipping Amazon is providing these wedding photo editing services-

Wedding Photos Retouching:

Wedding photo retouching or photo retouching is always important to make a photo more attractive. Sometimes at the time of photography, the bride’s face, dress, and groom’s face and dress also become dark. It can happen for lighting too. So to make the photo perfect we apply image retouching service.

Color Correction Service:

Because of heavy lighting in the wedding venue, sometimes photographers get photos in different colors. Or sometimes we add variant colors to bring varieties in photos. To match the color combination properly color correction is the easiest way.

Image Cropping Service:

We apply cropping service to highlight the main subject of photos. Sometimes photographers capture photos with details. It is difficult to view the couple. That is why we apply cropping services to cut out irrelevant objects from photos.

Other Services:

Other services mean if there is any need to edit something. It can be background change or remove disturbing objects. Sometimes we add some objects to make photos catchy.

Finally, it should say Clipping Amazon is helping lots of photographers to make their photos more catchy to their clients. We are providing 17 other photo editing services at a friendly budget. Our photo editing experts are very dedicated to their work. Our main motive is to make our clients happy to provide our best services. If you think you need to edit your wedding photos then don’t delay contacting us now and enjoy our free trial too.


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