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Do’s Of Wedding Photography; Beginner’s Guide

Photography life comes in different colors and types. Don’t you think? But among all of the types, wedding photography comes with the most emotion. Not only with emotion, I think. It’s also the toughest photography type too. Also, where there are other photographers too, a wedding photographer holds the most valuable place. So, in this blog, I’ll write down the things you should do as a wedding photographer. Meaning, you’ll have a complete guide about wedding photography.

What Is A Professional Wedding Photography?

Photography Set

A photographer who does photography just for weddings is a wedding photographer. Yeah, that’s what we all know. But how often do we see the sufferings of a wedding photographer? To do successful wedding photography at the very first event, a photographer has a lot to worry about.

But don’t worry. At the end of this blog, you’ll know how to take wedding photos like a pro. You don’t know the perks that come with professional wedding photography. The thing is, maybe I can’t help you to lose your nervousness or tension. But I can help you with how you can overcome those problems.

” I just got booked for my first wedding photography! What to do? How to do it? How I can pull it off?”- Is a common tension between newbies. Because, if something goes wrong, it’ll ruin everything. Not just your career, but also someone’s big day. Besides, a professional wedding photographer can make money that’s beyond our imagination.

Things You’ll Need As A Wedding Photographer?

Equipment You’ll Need For Wedding Photography

To pull off professional wedding photography, you’ll need some tools that’ll make your shot look beautiful. I’ve made a shortlist that is required in professional wedding photography. If you think there’s something that also helps you, then please comment below. So that we can add it too.

  • Camera: Yeah, the very first thing that you’ll need is a camrea. Well, several cameras. Several cameras? Why? Beacause trust me, so much can go wrong to an wedding set. So, never go a wedding shoot without a back-up camera. What if something happens to your primary camera? Take at least two camera. Although experts suggest for three camras. Still two will get your job done perfectly.
  • Medium Zoom Lens: Not just the camera will be needed. You’ll also need some different lenses to take different shots. A medium lense is the first one among many. This lense is almost mandatory for wedding portraits and photojournalism. Because it offers both a tight as well as a wide perspectives. You can easily use it as your medium zoom.
  • Speedlights: This is another thing for your wedding photography. Now you may think why you’ll need a speedlight? Not always the weddings happen at day time. Many weddings take place in night time too. And some of the churches are too dark. In these cases, speedlight is your lifesaver. Use speedlight techniques for photography to get the perfect shot.
  • Memory Cards & Batteries: Never go to a wedding set witha single battery for your camera and speedlight. A 60 GB memory card for wedding photos and two sets of batteries sound good. Also, make sure your batteries are all charged up before the day your shooting.
  • Tripods & Light Stands: If you’re going to use speedlights, then you’ll also need light stands to set it. And tripod lets you take photos with more stabilities. Also, when the set lacks enough light you can find your tripod very handy.
  • Telephoto Lens: This lense will let you to take photos from a distance. With a crystal clear view. Also, there are some shots that are meant to take from distance. You can take the help of telepohto lense then.

Aside from these tools, there are some other things that definitely is helpful for perfect wedding photography. For example, prime lenses, wide-angle lenses, camera bags, a flash diffuser, umbrellas & studio strobes, lens cleaning kit, and hood, etc.

Do’s For Professional Wedding Photography:

Okay, so now you know what kinds of tools you’ll need for professional wedding photography. Now I’ll write some things you should know about how to take wedding photos. Now let’s see!

Okay. First things first. Never agree with a client without a written contract. There are so many things that are waiting to go wrong on the big day. So, make a deal with your client and sign it. Include terms and conditions from your client and yours in it. And don’t forget to include the amount of your payment in it. I’ve seen many wedding photographers suffer from this mistake.

2. Have A Heart To Heart Chat With Your Client:

You must get to know your client better before shooting them. That what are their styles, what kind of wedding style they’re doing, what are their expectations from you. Mostly, their likings and disliking. You can also prepare for the big day. It’ll also remove your air of tension too.

When you’re frank with your client, you’ll find your job very easy and more fun than you’ve imagined. And always stay connected with your client because anything can be changed at the last minute of the wedding. So, you must stay updated.

3. Don’t Forget To Make A Shot List:
Make A Shot List

This tip is very very important for your wedding photography. Why? Because, among so much chaos on the wedding venue, this shot list will be the reminder of what you’re supposed to do. Many wedding photographers freak out at what kind of shot they should take? So make a list of what kinds of shots you’re planning to take. And discuss it with your clients to add if they have something on their mind.

4. Don’t Delete Your Mistakes:

Okay, I admit that even after making a shot list, some of your shots might go wrong. But don’t delete them on the set. Why? Because you’re losing the chance of other shots by deleting it. Remember one thing, these raw images can always be edited, manipulated, and cropped. For professional wedding photo editing and photo manipulation, I suggest Clipping Amazon. However, don’t miss shots by deleting your mistakes.

5. Round The Venue:

Among all the wedding photography tips, this is the most untold one. Because most wedding photographers avoid this step. But I think it might be really helpful. If you go to the venue before the wedding day and scout the whole place. You can get pretty ideas of some different positions for taking photos. Also, you’ll get a clear idea of how light can play its role in your photo. Trust me, it’s really helpful.

6. Never Skip The First Look Of The Couple:

Never, I repeat, never miss the shot of the first look of your couple. Trust me, they look way more and more fresh and vibrant than they look after all the wedding formalities. Besides, it adds an extra edge to your wedding album. Not to mention, boosting your career.

7. Do A Bridal Coverage:
Bridal Coverage For Best Wedding Photography

What’s bridal coverage? Brace yourself! Because I’m about to spill some amazing wedding photography tips.

The bride already takes the huge space in your camera’s memory. Doesn’t she? But not always it has to be just the bride. Make sure you catch some-

  • Take shots of bridemaids, maid of honor, mostly the bride’s getting their dressing done
  • Bride’s parents are walking the bride on aisle, the shot where the parentsa are hugging their daughter, mother helping her daughter with accessories
  • Don’t forget to shoot on the amazing places on the venue of bride, like on the chapel, staircases, bid window, lastly with the bouquet
  • Take group shots of the bride’s family, siblings & cousins, friends
  • The special toast of maid of honor

Trust me, these add wonderful edges to the album. Make sure you’re taking photos as per your client’s choice too.

8. What About The Groom:
A Groom Coverage For Wedding Photography

Okay. So, don’t pick just the bride as your wedding photography subject. Heh, I mean, do coverage for the groom too. Why not? It’s the big day for him too. Aside from fun, this is the most ignored wedding photography tips among many.

  • Take shot of the best man’s preparation of his special toast
  • Don’t miss the shot of special toast of best man
  • Take candids of guys preparation
  • The special toast of the groom with the bottle/glass
  • Must take the photo of the groom’s tear when he sees her bride walking down the aisle
  • Groom’s family shot
  • Best man’s fun with the groom
  • Tell best man to pose quirky with the maid of honor
  • Some solo shots of groom

Trust me on this one. This step will bring out some of the best shots.

9. Don’t Skip The Small Details:
Take Photos Of Other Wedding Favors Too

These are some of the most traditional things about wedding photography. Which also counts as wedding photography tips too. Now you may think that what’s those small details?

Well, you can take photos of wedding rings, a close shot of the bride’s dress, arrangements of flowers, shoes of the bride, table setting, delicious foods and all that.

10. Make Sure You Turn Off The Sound Of Your Camera:

The clicking sound of your camera may ruin their moment. Which is completely unprofessional. So consider this one of the most useful professional wedding photography tips. So make sure you’ve turned off the sound of your camera Especially during the speeches, the kiss, and vows.

11. It’s Better To Expect The Unecpected:

So much can go wrong on a wedding day. For example, the bride may stumble when she’s walking down the aisle, or the flower girl sitting down the aisle, the bride’s panicking because she’s nervous about the vows, the rain pours down right on the moment of the perfect shot, etc. They say, things will go definitely wrong on a wedding day, but they can be the best part. So take the advantage of that.

Well, that was all about my wedding photography tips. I tried to write down everything that a wedding photographer should know. Still, if you want to get more ideas of wedding photography styles or that, you can have a look at Clipping Amazon’s blog site. There are different kinds of blogs on wedding photography.

What Is Clipping Amazon?
Professional Wedding Photo Editing Services Of Clipping Amazon

Well, like I said above if something goes really wrong with your shots, you can take help of the professional photo editors. Clipping Amazon is a professional photo editing company just like that. So, you can always save the day of the wedding by taking our professional photo editing services. Because Clipping Amazon provides 17 kinds of photo editing services.Yeah, including photo manipulation and professional image cropping services too. And if something spoils your printed wedding photos, you can always go for our professional photo restoration services. We always value our clients the highest. Also, we provide services 24/7. So you can reach us any time. You can check out the quality of our work by trying our free trial. I’m leaving the free trial link on the button. And don’t worry, your hard-worked photos are always safe with us.


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