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What Is Clipping Path and Why It’s Significant For Your Business?

Did you hear Clipping Path? I think you did. If you are an eCommerce retailer or a graphic designer, then there are 99.99% chances to heard before clipping path. 

Usually, the clipping path is a feature of photo editing software.

So today we are going to know what is clipping path and why it is so demanding.

What is Clipping Path

Basically, the above mentioned service is a photo editing software’s technique, whether it is photoshop or adobe illustrator. Via this service, we can isolate the subject from the background. So that we can sort our product photos even better than before for our eCommerce site.

It is a great way to separate your models from the background then you can add a custom background for your models via photoshop, or you can use others.

So now a question arises, and that is how to do clipping path. Actually, In photoshop, we use the pen tool to do the clipping path.

One thing remembers that to do clipping path then firstly you need to the mastery pen tool.

Even as an expert, sometimes I also face a remarkable problem and we also need time to do this correctly. Sometimes we zoom the photo 200 to 300 percent to polish the edge of the product photo.

Today’s eCommerce panorama is so competitive, so if your product’s photo quality is like a disaster, then you might not be achieved your dream sales.

So that’s for sure we need to take time to do correctly clipping path.

So here is an example.

what is clipping path

Look at the picture. Do you notice any difference between these two photos? 

Yes. You are right. The left photo is about a girl wearing a top and the second one shows only the top without the girl.

How is it happen? Yes, It’s happened with the help of this pen tool technique.

We use the pen tool in photoshop to remove the girl from the subject.

For better understanding, you can check this video too

If you think that it’s so hard, then you can use online tools to remove your product’s background.

Here’s the link.

Yes, it’s possible with online tools then again there is no guaranty that all the time it would be work ideally.

That’s why this kinds of Services exist. 

Introducing our Services by Clipping Amazon.

So if you want to any professional hand, then you can contact with us.

Click Here to visit our service page.


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