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White Hat SEO; 6 Tricks To Play By Rules And Win Triumphantly

Who doesn’t want to double the traffic to his blog than usual? I guess every blogger would say, ‘Me’. I know! Because every blogger writes every single blog with the most sincere heart. While the working process takes a long time to succeed and black hat SEO seems too much attractive to pass up. White hat SEO techniques are the only hope that we’ve left. In this blog, I’ll write down about 6 white hat SEO techniques that can double your blog traffic.

What Is White Hat SEO?

White Hat SEO Concept

I hope you’ve seen my last blog about black hat SEO? Because, if you are gonna learn the pros and cons about white hat SEO, then black hat SEO is a must fact to know. White hat SEO means, doing or following all the rules and restrictions of search engines. Even if it takes a longer time to get traffic. Whereas, black hat SEO is quite the opposite. It lets you violate the terms and conditions of different search engines and rank at the top of the search bar.

So you see, white hat SEO is the ethical SEO process that follows all the terms and conditions and works with the positive rating by the search engines. White hat SEO is performed by organic link-building networks. And of course, it’s done by using useful content and user popularity. Which prevents spam links or comments.

Why You Should Follow White Hat SEO Tracks?

White Hat SEO

Okay, I hate to admit but it’s true that white hat SEO has some problems. But it has long-term perks as well. Why? Because we all know honesty is the best policy. Although following white hat SEO techniques take a long time t get desired traffic to your website, at least it doesn’t lead you to a penalty from search engines. Or worse, it saves your website from being banned from search engines forever. So, it’s something, right?

So, I’ll now write down why you should follow white hat SEO rules even if black hat SEO seems more alluring.

First of all, this process is much budget-friendly than black hat SEO. Why? because it takes time to happen, and that’s why it’s a lot cheaper. As a blogger, new or old, you don’t want to spend dollars on getting penalty or ban notice. Do you?

SEO Solutions

The biggest point on white hat SEO is it’s very secure for your website. Following white hat SEO, you might not get desired traffic, but be sure that you never have to worry about getting a penalty or ban notice. So, it’s a lot of relief.

The ranking position in the search bar you’re getting from white hat SEO is more stable than anything. Even if any black hat SEO overtakes your position, that’s for a little amount of time. Once the search engines track it down and ban it, you will regain your position.

Lastly, there are ethics in white hat SEO. Even the strongest liars become like an insect in front of the power of truth. And this process is always on the side of ethics. So, it doesn’t hurt to stay on the side of ethics.

6 Unbeatable White Hat SEO Tricks To Double Your Traffic

Okay, now it’s the moment of truth. I’ll reveal 6 techniques on white hat SEO that can double your blog traffic. And I repeat, even if these techniques take time to happen, your traffic will be doubled for sure.

1. ‘I’m Google. And I Want You To Think About Your Users First’

What I mean is Google or other search engines always want you to put your audience first. Like, when you’re writing something, you have to keep in mind that it should be very user-friendly. And when it comes to user-friendly, you must keep in mind that, many users are using mobiles rather than computers to come to your website.

Now think. Is your website mobile-friendly to use? If yes, then you’ve nothing to worry about. And if no, you know what to do. Because Google algorithms are made to reward this kind of site that comes with a smooth and easy UX.

2. Keyword Researching:
Keyword Research

As we’re learning about white hat SEO, keyword research for your website is mandatory here. Now, you might be wondering what’s newer there? Well, there are some tasks to do.

Search engines nowadays are really smart. They realize your language synonyms, antonyms, and other facts. So what you need to do is to use a keyword that informs great content.

Because your keyword tells your users as well as Google what your blog is about. So make sure you implement keywords in your blog & page title, subheadings of your article, and URL slugs.

3. Write Creative And Attractive Content:

In black hat SEO, using software, you can steal someone’s content and hid it under such a code that plagiarism checker can’t track it as plagiarised. But you really can’t get away with that for a long time. So, when you’re starting a blog site on your own, creativity is a must.

Write attractive content that directly contacts your audience’s problems. Or the answers they’re looking for. Because Search engines like Google pay very close attention to your audience that how long they’re staying on your page.

Organic Link Building

Okay, we’ve come to a very serious point right now. Because the strategy of your link building is the biggest fact to Google or other search engines. Because Google measures your link’s quality over quantity. So focus on natural growth and relevant link, and repair broken links on your page.

5. Focus On On-Page SEO:
Focus On On-Page SEO

When you want to focus on on-page SEO, you need to keep an eye on these-

  • -Make your URL keyword-rich and short because Google takes it very seriously
  • Don’t forget to optimize your photos
  • Always use keyword-rich descriptions, meta-tags & use keywords strategically
6. Think Like Search Engines:

This is where you think very strategically. You need to focus on producing a keyword-rich article. And surely, you need to produce a unique and relevant article that directly talks with the audience. And lastly, build up high-quality links.

Speed up your website so that it is easy to see from mobile. And make it very relevant yet specific.

This was all about White Hat SEO techniques. I’ve tried to narrow down the biggest factors here so that it is easy for you to follow and succeed.

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