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Wild Photography

Wild Photography is one of the most challenging types of photography. Wildlife photographers generally need technical skills. And they need to be properly prepared to express such technical skills. For example, it isn’t easy to approach some animals. But they need to know the knowledge of their behavior. They must predict and understand the animal’s activities. Otherwise, they can’t capture photos. Wildlife photographers are often using basic tools. But some wildlife photography suggests special tools such as macro lenses for insects. They also use long focus distance lenses for birds. Besides that, they need submarine cameras for marine life. But photos of great wildlife are also available from being in the right place at the right time.

It can be a short-term profession that demands passion for nature and art. Moreover, wildlife snappers travel to remote areas to take pictures of wildlife and view. It is not an easy task.

Safari hunters introduced Wildlife photography as art by in the early 1900s. It seems images are less risky than wildlife killing and stuffing. It is also more survival. Modern cameraman often started as artists, biologists, or park rangers. Experts taught them the special aspects of the field.

History Of Wild Photography:

In the early of snapping, it wasn’t easy to urge an image of wildlife. Because of the slow lens and nervousness of the photographic media. Previous animal photos were usually of pets, staff, and zoo animals. These include pictures of lion cubs taken at the Bristol Zoo in 1854 and 1864. Frank Hayes’ last Quagga(The Quagga were a melt of the plains zebra in South Africa. Until they became lost in the late nineteenth century by European colonists). Wildlife photography earns more traction within the 1880s with the arrival of fast photography color and fast shutters. In July 1906, National Geographic published its first wildlife photos. U.S. Representative took photos to Pennsylvania George Shiras III. He captured a number of his photos first on a telegram-tripped camera.

Wildlife photography is both a new and an old kind. It has been around for less than 200 years. It can be a small blip in the human timeline. People start to be creative. They start to take artistic views of animals. The oldest work of art in the world is animal cave painting. Ancient myths and stories are full of references to animals. So, the artwork shows animals throughout all periods of history. Although, we did not have the concept of “wildlife” in the early twentieth century. We have always been excited by wildlife. In Western culture, wild animals were considered to be the neighborhood of nature rather than their own distinct group. However, Louis Daguerre invented one of the earliest photographic methods in 1839. He described the Daguerreotype as “an instrument that helps to draw nature.”


In Victorian times, taking snaps of “nature” became popular. However, the exposure time was a few years long. At that time, it becomes impossible to capture images of moving animals. Many images were staged. To clarify, the images were not lively. Taking pictures of the living wild animal was fully out of the question. One of the oldest photographs of an animal was clicked by John Dillwyn Llewelyn in 1856. It was a heron standing in a pond. Heron appears to be alive. Therefore, it was actually a saved copy that was highlighting the figure. It is the first sample of wildlife photography.

Some Famous Wild Photographers:

The world is full of diversity. There are lots of animals and plants. And we live together with them. There are many wildlife perceptions and captures of humanity. Thanks to the photographers. Because they share the sweetness of this world. And they also deliver wild animal photos that we never knew exist.

Here is a list of some famous and ambitious wild photographers-

Micheal Aw- A Famous Name In Wild Photography:

Michael AW documents his saturated color imagery. So, he won the most photo55 international photography awards. Finally, he becomes one of the world’s most influential nature photographers. Because of the outdoor photography. In 2013, he became the first Asian to receive the NOGI Award. He got it from the American Academy of Underwater Arts and Sciences.


Michael is a wildlife photographer, explorer, and mariner. Moreover, he is the lead author of 38 and co-author of eight books at sea. Michael AW’s writings and snaps have been published in-

  • BBC Wildlife,
  • GEO, National
  • Geographic,
  • The Smithsonian,
  • Nature,
  • Ocean Geographic,
  • Asian Geographic,
  • Nature Focus,
  • The Times, and
  • Discovery

So, the man worked his whole life. And he achieved a lot. Certainly, Michael is a man of idol. Because, he is wonderful when he has camera. Finally, we can say that he introduced us with the sea life. Therefore, he is a great photographer.

Martin Bailey:

Martin Bailey is a nature and wild photographer from Tokyo. Also, he is the number one podcaster and blogger. Besides that, Martin is a craft, and philosophy writer. He is an Arcanum Master and a member of X-Rite Coloratti too. Absorbed in his passion for nature, travel, and a willful desire, he shares his knowledge and artistic vision. Martin is a popular international travel and workshop leader. He is helping photographers around the world. So, his experience wonders this great planet we call home.

Certainly, His work has been published in Popular Wild Photography Magazines like-

  • X-right,
  • Pomegranate,
  • Creation Durable (Paris),
  • Real Music, Korean Air, and
  • Light of Consciousness Magazine.

In 2005, he performed five pieces during a joint exhibition in Italy. And his first solo exhibition, “Nature of Japan,” was held in December 2010 in Toyama, Tokyo. In other words, he did great.

Karen Lunney:

Karen Lunney is a new artist. She works in Queensland, Brisbane, and North Stradbrook, Australia. She works especially at limited places of action. Karen loves to work in the morning & evening lighting, and the sea-land interface. To clarify, where one thing has stopped, and another has not begun, or yet to check out in that. So, she did a great job.

John Cornforth:

John Cornforth is an award-winning wildlife photographer. His images have masterful compositions and incredible detail. He has been compelled to express the sweetness of the wildlife. He did this through his photography by traveling throughout the year. The man challenged himself to new places. Because in that way he can remark the unique animals that live there. All his images are captive within the wild. He believes in supporting environmental groups. John also believes in raising awareness through photography.

Connor Stefanison-Another Famous Name In Wild Photography:

Connor Stephenison (1991) is from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. He learned of the wildlife while living in BC. His learning came from his lifelong knowledge of various outdoor activities. For instance, Mountain biking. His interest in photography grew because of this. It was in 2006. At that time he was 17. Outdoor background influenced the man. Later on, he focused on wild photography. And he quickly changed from the game.

Some of his well-known works are-

  • Outdoor Photography,
  • Outdoor Photography Canada,
  • Canadian Geographic,
  • Best of Nature Photography,
  • National Camera Magazine,
  • Wild Planet Photography Magazine, and
  • British Columbia Magazine, among many more.

Besides that, he has also worked on projects for organizations such as Audubon, National Geographic, and the BBC. So, he is great in this sector.

It is very challenging for wild photographers to click unique and beautiful photos of wild animals. But it is true that every photographer wants to click different photos than another. Sometimes they face unexpected opticals during photography. Which left their photos dull. Sometimes the natural light is not being so friendly too for them. Photo editing is the only solution to solve these problems. Photographers use the process frequently to make their photos clear and catchy.

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