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Ethics Of Wildlife Photography

Wildlife exists for their own reason, no? Because it’s full of charm and wonder. And you know what? There’s a saying that the forest never sleeps. I guess you already realized what I’m talking about. But not quite. Because we’re not talking about wildlife photography. Moreover, we’ll talk about wildlife photography ethics.

Importance Of Wildlife Photography Ethics:

Ethical Wildlife Photography

I know there are many animal lovers out there. But also, there are many people who don’t give a damn about them. And that’s just not quite at all. I mean, there are some people who hurt animals for fun. Because they forget the fact that animals have family and feelings too. They go to the forest to hunt animals and kill them for fun. Even the wildlife photographers go mad sometimes. But do you know there are certain wildlife photography ethics? And the photographers who really love the earth follow those ethics strictly. Because photography is all about capturing something you love. And wildlife photography is the most beautiful one. As it is about some living being who keeps the world in balance and yet can’t talk. You must follow some ethics.

White Tigers

Photography is an art. The art that combines the fine arts, ancient art, and norms, and nature’s unique patterns and designs. Also, it combines the colorful world of fashion and movies too. But it never supports any kind of violence to anyone, you know? Let alone the wild animals.

Things You Shouldn’t Do At Wilderness:

I’ll be honest here, maybe you’re really caring about the animals. Or maybe you’re one of the purest souls who really love the earth. But not everyone is like you. If I’m being honest, souls like that are really rare. So, ethics can’t save the animals always.

A Happy Elephant

I know many photographers who don’t treat animals like living beings. Do you know some photographers even capture wild animals illegally? And not that only, they also torture animals. Sometimes even kill them willingly. But it’s completely against wildlife photography ethics. You also need to make sure that your subject is not disturbed during the photo session.

Important Wildlife Photography Ethics:

Yes, now that you’ve got a clear concept of wildlife photography ethics, let’s get you settled.

Make Sure To Do No Harm:
Don’t Force Them

Doing any kind of harm is already a crime. Whether it is an animal or a human. So, when you go to take wildlife photos, make sure you’re not doing any harm to the wild animals. For example, if your subject is sleeping, make sure not to wake it up when you click the shutter. Hurting them is out of the question. Never hurt animals just because you can’t capture them your way.

Learn Before Heading Out:
Animals At Night

Look, different animals have different habitats. Their eating cultures and living styles vary from place to place, forest to forest. So, if you learn about the habitats of the animals you’re going to take photos. Learning about these habitats will give you extra edges. Also, learning about animals will save you from certain dangers sometimes.

Not Baiting:
Bear Family

We all feed the animals. More or less. But that doesn’t allow you to use baits to lure them out. Look, animals are quite innocent. They don’t have this conspiracy. So if you want to capture any wildlife photos, don’t use the baits to lure them out.

Invisibility Is The Best:
Ethical Wildlife Photography

Oh, many wildlife photographers wear camouflage during wildlife photography. Do you know why they wear it? Because there’s a ethics in wildlife life photography. That you shouldn’t scare away your subject. So, if you wear camouflage or any other costume that fools the animals, you’re good to go. I mean, what’s the point of scaring away your animals? Moreover, being invisible will let you take photos very close.

Don’t Force The Animals:
Swan Family

This is the worst-case scenario in ethical wildlife photography. Because some photographers force animals to look into the camera. Some even play with the baby animals so that their parents are bound to listen to them. The most annoying part is, where an animal is resting after his meal. And the photographer is disturbing the animal to run or walk for the photo. So, don’t force the animals.

Avoid Using Drones:
A Scared Cub

Some drones make noises. And that scares the wildlife. Also, when animals see a drone coming through the air, they get scared and run away. So, using drones doesn’t help in wildlife photography.

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An Elephant On A Manipulated Background

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