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Witch Photography: How To Shoot Creative & Gothic Witch Photography

Right now, Witch Photography Ideas are the most exciting. What comes to mind when you think of witches? Is it the witch who entices children to her cottage? Is it Glinda the Good Witch who helps the girl return to Kansas? Or maybe it is from the historic Salem, Massachusetts witch trials? It is clear that there has been a resurgence of interest in witchy things. You will learn how to make a witch-style photo shoot with suitable locations, outfits, and attributes of magic from different cultures.

Here are some witch Photography ideas:

Add a lot of witch accessories


You should not forget about the props if you want to create an appropriate atmosphere. Moreover, you need a big crown for this idea. So, it will only be the size of your dreams and abilities. The headband in a gothic crown can be either black or metallic. So, you can complete the look with lace gloves and feathers.


If you don’t like the look of a queen crown with large gems or baroque spikes, then try something else. It’s a good idea to have good natural lighting for a photo shoot.

The witch needs to look modern


You shouldn’t limit witch photoshoot ideas to big black outfits and hoods. Chains and leather products can look modern. The combination of pants and a bodysuit is the most simple option. Moreover, it looks like it’s modern. You can also wear a black witch hat.


Make the Witch Look More Elegant. A classy and elegant look is best for this kind of photo shoot. The outfit should be feminine, elegant, and elegant. A short skirt, high heels, and a black top with lace will be enough.

Witch photography: The main attribute is the witch Kettle

Simple witch photoshoot ideas use a witch kettle. There are plastic, iron, and metal pots. The angle you choose depends on your kettle. If it is large, you need to move away from the model so that the object doesn’t cover it. You can also take a photo from a lower angle if the kettle is smaller.


To make the picture more atmospheric you can ask the model to make chaotic hand movements. It is more difficult to shoot a forest in a studio than outdoors.

The broom is in the witch photoshoot


A broom has a witch attribute. So, it can look like a simple wooden broom. From many angles, the witch broom can be shot. If the model doesn’t know where to put her hands in the photo, the prop is a good way out. The broom should be less bright than the witch’s dress to not shift the focus.

Witch Photography Ideas: Add Smoke and Steam to Vessels


If you don’t know the location or outfit, smoke in the photo can be a good solution. You don’t need to spend a lot on makeup and accessories. Smoke can be added to an antique metal glass. However, you can do it with chemical reactions or smoke bombs. The smoke bombs photography tips will show you what angles are the best and how much time you have.


Try using a smoke machine if you can’t find smoke bombs for a shoot. You can also use the remote control to change the smoke color and intensity. Smoke and mystery will be created for as long as you need because this car is not visible in the frame. The experiments should be conducted outdoors.

Prepare Witches Sabbath


The mass character of witch sabbaths makes them look atmospheric. This is a classic ancestral ritual that can be displayed in many different ways. The models can also take a position in the center of the circle by walking around the fire hand in hand.


Trying to shoot from the side of the fire is too dangerous for you. So, it will be great if the models are dressed in flowing clothes and wearing a cape. When moving, it will add to the photo.

Witch Photography: Imitate the Potions in the castle

This is a simple gothic photoshoot idea. Gothic attributes have to be added to the interior to implement it. You can also use stone-encrusted daggers, a pot of Potions, and a broom.


Put the container on the table and place the attributes next to it. You can also use a notebook like that. So, the light should be directed towards the face if the photo session is in the studio.

You can use the candlestick in a witch photoshoot

Something magical is attributed to candles. An antique metal candelabra candlestick can be used in your photo shoot. A candle of a light shade can be used to show that a model belongs to light. A black candlestick is the best option if you want to tell a story about magic.


The candles will give an interesting highlight if you take into account all the rules of twilight photography. There is a way to organize a photo shoot in the forest.

Branches and roots are added to the entourage

When the leaves have fallen or not yet begun to bloom, arrange a photo shoot in the forest. Black magic is associated with dried and lifeless branches. Witches use candles in the lighting setup. Candles can cause a fire in a dry forest. Choose clothes in black tones to create a witch look. Black capes with a hood are good.


The photos with bare tree branches are the most attractive. The image of a witch in a cold autumn forest doesn’t require much more than that.

Dark colors are great for makeup


Take care of your makeup when planning a witchy photoshoot. If it matches the face of the model, make sure to check it. Moreover, it will allow your photo to look weird. There are symbols and runic staves on the face. So, they should be on the forehead or chin. The makeup of a true witch should be dark. Dark blue, purple, and maroon are the colors of lipstick.

Levitation Techniques are used for mystic flight


It’s difficult to get a jump in a photo. levitation photography ideas can show a witch floating above the ground. You can use the air to make poses. You can also take a photo of a model with her arms outstretched The dress has flowing fabrics and naturally flying hair.

Use Light Magic to create an image


The first thing that comes to mind when thinking of a witchy photoshoot is dark clothes and black magic. White magic also exists. Light forces in the photo are what you want. Moreover, Light-colored clothes are good for flowing fabrics.

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