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Yoga Photography: Capture Solitude And Peace

Do you know? The nature of yoga? Speaking of which, it always heals your body and mind. Doesn’t it? But do you know how? Because yoga shines the light and awareness into the darkest corner of the body. You know what? I also think it’s an addition to strength and the beauty of the body. I hope you’ve made a cup of herbal tea for yourself. Because in this blog? We’ll talk about professional yoga photography.

What Is Yoga Photography?

Well, when you talk about professional yoga photography, you have to believe that it’s one sort of sports photography. Why not? Yoga brings us joy and lightens the mood, doesn’t it? So does the sport! But the best part is you can do yoga outdoor and indoor.

Professional Yoga Photography

So, in short, when you’re taking photos of different poses of yoga indoor or outdoor, you’re doing professional yoga photography. And to be clear, it’s not always about yoga poses or meditation. You can capture yoga-related things, drinks, open spaces like greenfields, flowers, falls, rivers, etc.

So, when you’re taking photos of yoga poses, the meditation process, yoga spaces indoors or outdoors, you can call it yoga photography.

Professional Yoga Photography

Although you’ll need some yoga photography tips for doing indoor yoga photography and yoga photography outdoors. So let’s get to it!

What Do I Need To Start This?

Nothing specific. Really. A DSLR camera and a box of the lens will do the job just fine. And what else? Maybe a tripod? To pull off this kind of photography, all you need to do is to practice. Because you can’t tell the exact yoga pose that’s going to get you money. No. Not without the practice. And at the first yoga photoshoot? Definitely not.


So, keep practicing. And let’s see If I can dish some yoga photography tips.

Yoga Photography Tips:

Many argue about the term ‘Yoga’. But if you ask me, yoga is a journey. A Journey of the self, to the self. And through the self. But finding the tips to capture photos of this moment of solitude can not be that easy. So here I am!

Research Before You Go For Photoshoot:

This is the most important thing to keep in mind while planning your yoga photo session. Before you get into the session, make sure you know the time you need to devote to the shoot, the type of yoga poses you want to capture, the number of people you have, what kind of shots you want to do, whether you want to edit the photos or not.

Do Some Research

Do Not Forget About Post Processing. Why? Because this is one of the most important things to remember while shooting yoga photos. 

Make Sure Whether You Shoot Outdoors Or Indoors:
A Good Location Matters

You’ll find various places where you can take pictures of yoga. But the best thing about this is that you don’t have to rent a studio, or ask permission from someone, or pay a lot of money for it. You can do yoga photography indoors or outdoors, and you can take it as a spontaneous session.

Keep An Eye On The Mat:
Yoga Mat

When you’re doing yoga photography outdoors, you must make sure that you’re taking photos from a clean mat. So, if you’re going to take photos of different poses in an open space, then it’s better to keep the mat as clean as possible. And for this, you should bring a towel to wipe your mat after every pose and before you start your next pose.

Check Out The Right Camera Settings:

The camera settings depend on the kind of shots you want to take. Some of the best yoga photo sessions are done with natural light, so you can set your camera to its “auto” mode and then use a flash (or your flash unit) for additional lighting. You can also use your flash unit as an off-camera flash, which can be attached to your camera lens.

Yoga Photography Tips

If you’re planning to shoot in a studio, you can use your camera’s manual settings or shoot in RAW mode. You need proper lighting for a good yoga photo session. It depends on the kind of yoga you’re doing, whether it’s outdoor or indoor.

You can always use your flash unit, but it’s better to use external lighting as well. For example, you can use studio lights, which can be used for both indoor and outdoor yoga photo sessions. You can also use LED strip lights and flash units to light up your yoga photography.

Make Sure To Snap From Various Distance From The Model:
Shoot From Different Angles

You’ve got to be aware of the distance your model from you. If you have a large model, you should keep them at least 3-4 meters away from you so that your shots don’t look awkward. If you have a smaller model, you can keep them up to 2 meters away from you, and still get some good shots.

Mainly, move around and try different corners and click the shot.

Why A Wide-Angle Lens?:
Wide Aperture

It is better to choose a wide-angle lens (24mm) for yoga images. Why? Because it gives a panoramic view of the entire room or space where you’re going to do your yoga photography.

The Shutter Speed Always Matters:

To Improve Your Yoga Photography: The shutter speed determines the motion blur that will appear in the images. The higher the shutter speed, the less motion blur will be observed. And the lower the shutter speed, the more motion blur will be present in the image.

Use The Right Shutter Speed

For an indoor yoga session, the shutter speed should be at least 1/125 For an average DSLR camera. You can go up to 1/500. If you’re working with a professional DSLR camera. For yoga photography outdoors, the shutter speed should be at least 1/60. For an average DSLR camera. You can go up to 1/200.

Escape The Sun:
Avoid Sunlight

The sun is the biggest enemy of good yoga photos. If you want to shoot a good yoga session, avoid shooting it in the sun. If you’re indoors, there are a lot of options available to you. But outdoors, you’ll have to make do with whatever natural light you get. So, before you shoot, you need to take the time to figure out what the best time of day would be.

Don’t Loose Focus:

This is the most important yoga photography tips. Your camera’s focus point should always be pointed at the subject, whether it is a person or an object. When you point your camera at a subject, it will automatically focus on it. That means, if you want to capture a close-up shot of your model, you should point your camera towards your model. In the case of an object like a flower, the focus point should be on it.

Creativity Is Always Welcomed:
Get Creative

The best part about yoga photography is that you can shoot a lot of different yoga poses and still get really good results. You can get creative with yoga poses and make some cool pictures. It’s all about the ideas.

Get The Photos Edited By Professionals:

If you want to do DIY yoga photography, then it’s up to you whether to edit your photos or not. But in professional yoga photography, this is a must. And it’s really helpful to give your photos to the professionals. Because, yoga photography calls for a delicate kind of photo editing. Nethier much nor less. Although I will always suggest Clipping Amazon for the high-end skin retouching service.

Indoor Yoga Photography:
Indoor Yoga Photography

You don’t have to go to a studio to do indoor yoga photography. If you’re going to do indoor yoga photography, you’ll need a good lighting set-up. You’ll also need a tripod, as well as a camera with a wide-angle lens. To take good photos, it’s best to keep the distance between the subject and the camera at around 2 feet.

Yoga Photography Outdoors:
Yoga Photography Outdoors

You can do outdoor yoga photography in a park or in any other open spaces. When you’re doing outdoor yoga, you’ll need a tripod and a camera with a wide-angle lens.

You Can Also Photograph Couples:
Couples Doing Yoga

There are many yoga couples out there who are not only willing to share their happiness and love for each other, but also ready to do anything to give a beautiful shot. So if you’re looking for a beautiful couple photo shoot, then you should definitely go for it.

Don’t Forget The Black And White Photo:

For a natural feel to your photos, we recommend taking black and white photos. But, if you want to be precise with your editing, you can use the black and white filter. 

Black and White Photo

Well, I hope you found my blog useful. Now, let’s talk about the post-production. Do you know why I suggested Clipping Amazon?

Clipping Amazon:
High-End Skin Retouching

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