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Why Do You Need To Master The Art Of YouTube SEO?

Are you afraid of starting your channel just because you have no idea of youtube SEO? You are making quality video content and still, you are not getting enough views and subscribers. Yeah, it hurts. This is why you need to master the art and crafts of youtube SEO.

How YouTube SEO Helps Your Video To Get Ranked?

There are a lot of details you need to pay attention to very seriously if you really want your video to get ranked. There are many video contents we see on youtube which are not that eye-catchy or attractive. But they are showing at the top when you search for anything. Did you ever give it a thought why these kinda videos show at the top result?

It’s because they optimized their channel very very carefully. Not just the channel, you need to keep an eye on every single video you want to upload. There are terms for video titles with perfect keywords, relevant descriptions in the description boxes, accurate thumbnail with keywords, and so on. Improving these terms will get your video on the top of the search result. All these are included on youtube SEO. You may think that youtube SEO may be very hard to do. But don’t you worry, I’ll try to write down how you can do SEO for your youtube channel.

What Is YouTube SEO?

You need to optimize your youtube channel as well as your videos for the highest rank. This procedure is called youtube SEO. Of course, it is different from regular SEO. More clearly, the whole process includes:

  • You must optimize your video descriptions and meta descriptions
  • You’ll need to target the right keyword that is related to your channel
  • Adding the right captions

You will be surprised to know that, the search volume of youtube tops the combined result of search volume of AOL, Bing, Yahoo and Yeah, It’s 3 Billion searches per month. Which is why youtube is considered the second largest search engine after google.

The strategy of doing professional youtube SEO is a bit similar to a web page optimization strategy. So, even if you’ve never done this before, you can do this. To make your channel SEO-friendly, youtube calls for some platform-specific strategies. Because youtube has its ranking algorithm whether the other search engines don’t have any. They use web-crawlers to index their pages. So you see, youtube considers a lot when it comes to ranking videos. You must keep these factors in mind.

  • Relevancy of your video to a youtube user
  • Watch the history of user’s
  • Number of subscribers
  • View velocity index
  • Engagement rates of videos
  • Previous Interactions of any specific user( how many of your videos has he watched)
  • Match between your video description and meta description as well as the user’s interest

SEO Hacks & How To Gain Success

The key benefit of uploading videos on youtube is that google is immediately indexing it. You don’t have to wait for bots to crawl your videos and of course, there is no need to submit a new video site map. This happens because both youtube and google share data vastly. Although there is this tight relation between youtube and google. Your viewer growth strategy must follow the prime rules of traditional SEO. A well-optimized content gives search engines the needed pointers to find and index your videos.

If google can’t understand your video like what it is about, your video won’t be viral. As engine bots can’t watch videos, they depend on text data to index them properly. Here are some tips on how to gain success on Youtube SEO.

Youtube SEO- Clipping Amazon
Do’s and Don’t s:
  • Do Video Keyword Search: We often see youtube video titles start with “How to”. Use google for different keywords related to your niche. You’ll get a massive amount of keywords there. Google aside, paid keyword research tools will help you to get powerful insights into the keywords to optimize your videos. For serious YouTubers, the best Seo tool you’ll ever get is VidIQ.
  • See Your Competitor’s Videos: When following your competitors, always keep an eye on their most popular videos or which videos are going viral. Because they are creating videos similar to yours. So, follow them and check out which keyword they used in their videos.
  • Optimized Video Title: As for the video title, you will need to optimize it as you do for written content. You must focus your main keyword on your video title.
  • Choose Low Competition Keyword: If you’re a new YouTuber, this point is for you. Obviously, you wouldn’t want to compete with giant Youtubers who already owns millions of subscribers. So, choose related keywords which are not hard to rank for.
  • Optimizing Tags is a Must: The best feature provided by youtube is tagging. Why? Because it lets to enter relevant keywords to get your videos more view. Around 10-12 tags are enough for a single video.
And there is more about professional Youtube SEO-
  • Dazzle Your Viewers With Your Videos: The audience’s reaction is a HUGE & HUGE factor in youtube. If the audience really loves your video and watches it till the end, the chances of showing your videos on suggestion rise. So, entertain them.
  • Encourage Viewers To Comment and Subscribe: Subscribing is a huge fact on Youtube. Like or comment on a video may seem a one-time action but subscribing channel indicates that people will be seeing your video on a regular basis. It is a giant factor in Youtube that reflects the amount of value you provide.
  • Thumbnail That Wows The Viewers: To grab the attention of the viewers in the sea of other videos, it’s important than ever that your video thumbnail outshine your competitor’s thumbnails. But you must keep in mind that-
1.Take a fun photo relating to your subject
2.Use your brand color and text or logo
3.Make sure you are using a high quality image
Thumbnail Hacks
And Lastly-
  • Saying The Target Keyword In The Video: This trick works like magic! Youtube prepares an automatic script of your video. Why? If you say your target keyword in your video, then Youtube will notice it.
  • Promote Your Videos In Everyway Possible: What’s the need for promoting videos on Youtube SEO? Yes, there is a fact. More people see your content, the chances of ranking your video are higher than ever. So, I suggest you go all out with promoting your videos. Share your videos on every social media.
  • Description Box That Works Like Miracle: As you know by now, there is no way you can avoid your description box. And why is that? Because the keywords in the description box and the ranking process work together. Which is to say, they’re correlated. But still, here are some ideas you can put in your description box-
1.Call to Action (CTA)
2.Promotional Links
3.Video Transcript
4.Put other related links
Description Box Hacks
youtube seo clipping amazon
Youtube SEO Tool:

Well, there is one tool you can rely on for Youtube SEO. It is Vidiq. Vidiq is an amazing tool that every YouTuber needs access to. Yes, if they want to build their audience. So, It doesn’t matter whether you are a video creator or marketing manager, or a publisher. You must know what is really related to your video subject. Vidiq not only offers you related keywords but also reveals your competitors used keywords. So that, you can copy them and use them in your video. So, you see, the number of features that Vidiq provides, it is more beneficial than any other tool. Now then, what are you waiting for? Clipping Amazon also suggests using Vidiq while doing Youtube SEO.

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