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Did You Follow These 5 Tips To Increase Your Youtube Videos Engagement?

Youtube is going through a hard competition. Because youtube is considered the second biggest search engine in the world. And you’re here trying hard to grow your youtube video engagement rate? And yet you’re failing every time? I know, it happens even if you post the standard video content. In this blog, I’ll write down about 5 ways to increase your youtube video engagement rate.

What Is Youtube Video Engagement?

YouTube Video

Well, if you’re already a YouTuber, then you’ll hear the fact ‘youtube video engagement’. If I say more practically, when you see a video on youtube, you see the YouTuber is requesting you to like his video, comment, and share his video. Right?

Now in the world of youtube, this like, comment, or sharing youtube videos is called youtube video engagement.

First things first, you must know the youtube channel approval conditions. Don’t you? Well, if you’re more of a newbie, then it’s you must gain 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours within one year of opening your channel.

Now, you must keep in mind that if you don’t fulfill the criteria within one year, you won’t be able to approve your channel anymore. So be very careful about that.

So, what happens after approving the channel? That is you need to increase engagement of your youtube videos. If you can’t grow the engagement rate, then what’s the point of uploading them? I know you might be wondering that ‘How’?

How You Can Measure YouTube Video Engagement Rent?

Engagement Rate Of YouTube Video

It’s better to measure video engagement rates before taking any steps to grow them. Do you know why? Because if you measure what is your engagement rate now, then you can set a goal about how much do you want to increase. Or, you can realize the actual output.

Now, there is one easiest way to measure your engagement rate of youtube videos. And that’s called the ‘ERR’. Meaning, Engagement Rate by Reach. Now, let me tell you in detail.

If I say it very short, then ERR is basically the percentage of youtube viewers. But there’s also a mathematical formula for measuring the Average ERR. The formula is-

Average ERR= Total Engagement of Every Post / Reach Per Post X 100

I suggest measuring first. Because then you can tell in which parts of your videos your audiences are interacting more. According to their interaction, you can take the necessary steps.

5 Ways To Increase Youtube Video Engagement
1. Best Relevant Thumbnails:

You know, your viewers will click on your video only when they will be attracted by your youtube thumbnail. Meaning, your youtube thumbnail must be as attractive as possible. Also, it must relevant to your niche.

In any case, you should know another thing. About 90% of your audience clicks on your video is because of your youtube thumbnail. So, focus on that.

2. Youtube Analytics:

This is an amazing feature of youtube for analyzing engagement rate. Because in case you can’t make it out that what your audience is requiring. You can take the help of youtube analytics.

Seeing the index of youtube analytics, you can see different entities of your audience’s interaction. Also the idea of what they want to see from you.

3. Optimize Your Lighting System:

If your video lacks enough lighting then it’s relevant that your audience won’t buy it. Why would they? You won’t enjoy a dark video yourself, would you? So adjust your lighting system so that, it captures the object and gives a tempting look on your youtube video content.

So, how it’s supposed to increase the youtube video engagement rate, right? Of course, when your audience finds your video attractive and entertaining enough, they won’t miss a single video you upload.

4. Use Short Sentences:

When you’re uploading a video, you must remember that you are not posting content just for a nation but for the whole world. You watch youtube videos of foreign languages for yourself, don’t you? That’s how your youtube video should be easy to understand too. Use short easy sentences in your video. So that your foreign audience loves your videos too.

5. Light Background Music:

Now, the youtube monetization policy has made it clear that you must include your voice in your videos. Still, many YouTubers give background music to their videos. If you plan to give background music to your own video, then make sure your chosen music is not louder than your voiceover.

You do want your audience to pay attention to your video, not your background music. Right? So, don’t use too louder music.

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