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The Amazing Facts of Jewelry Photo Retouching Services

A piece of jewelry should tell a story about the person who is wearing it. Because jewellery is a very personal thing. It also reveals a person’s taste. If you are in a jewellery business, you better sell those with a story. A story that your customer can connect with themselves. To do so, you are gonna need a professional photographer. And, an experienced jewelry retouching services provider to get a jewelry photo retouching service.

The jewelry photographers use various props during the photo shoot. Because these give the jewelry photos an elegant & classy look. They use props to make the jewelry straight. Because it helps to capture dynamic angles. For uploading the jewelry photos to the website, it requires photos of different angles to highlight the features. It is impracticable to believe that you can capture a perfect photo and keep that unedited. Even an expert photographer finds it challenging to handle jewelry photography.

For this, most photographers outsource the photos for jewelry retouching services. Because jewelry photo retouching requires a comprehensive understanding of lighting, color adjustment, reflection, and so many other things. Besides that, you need to remove the props, the background, reflections from jewels, dust perfectly, and much more.  If any photographer keeps these things aloof, would it be a display of professional photography? Besides that, jewelry images should be very high quality while uploading to the website. So, whether you are a businessman or a cameraman, you must get a jewelry photo editing service.

What Does Jewelry Photo Retouching Mean?

Jewelry Retouching Services helps to enhance the beauty and quality of Jewelry images. It is mainly a process of editing jewelry photos to attract buyers. Professional software like Photoshop or Lightroom is required for editing. This editing process involves few customary enhancements. For example, color and light correction, background, blemishes, spots, & dust removal, adding shadow & reflection, etc. The sole purpose of this service is to allure the customers by improving the quality.

Jewelry Retouching

Jewelry photo retouching is mainly needed for online jewelry business owners. Online business sale completely depends on the visual appearance of the product. This is the one thing that compels customers to buy the product. Thus, for online jewelry business owners, jewelry photo retouching services can be a boon to expand the business.

Importance of High-end Jewelry Retouching Services

Jewelry photography is tricky whether you do it for marketing, promotional, or exhibition purposes. Even the most expert photographers find the task daunting. Because capturing perfect images are related to a couple of things. For example, it includes proper use of mannequins or other props, removing that correctly after the photoshoot. Believe it or not, a perfect image requires more polishing than that. For instance, you have to eliminate distracting background, remove odd reflection dust, blemishes, adjust color & brightness, and sometimes add perfect reflection & shadow to focus the jewels. 

Capturing a flawless photo of jewelry can be quite difficult. But editing those with Jewelry Retouching Services can help you with this situation. High-end jewelry photo retouching will enhance the look of the subject. It will definitely grab customer’s attention online. It will also completely serve other purposes like marketing, promotion, or exhibition. a photographer will strive to do both capturing the photos and editing those. Because it is going to snatch a good amount of time. And It will be impracticable if a Jewelry Eshop owner tries to edit the jewelry image. Because this requires professional & expert hand of the retoucher. If you have an online jewelry business, you should know that professional jewelry retouching is essential for higher sales.

A survey on customer’s shopping preferences says that online more than 70% customer’s buying decision depends on the product’s visual appearance. Consumers may abstain from purchasing if the product’s visual representaion is loathsome. So, in both cases, you are gonna need high-quality images. This is exclusively possible through jewelry photo retouching services. Therefore, whether you are a photographer or an online business owner, you should hire a professional photo editing service provider like Clipping Amazon. 

Jewellery Retouch
Images speak louder than words. Therefore, you must represent your business with high-quality images.  However, if you present average jewellery photos, your customers will believe that you have Intermediate attention to your business. They may also think that your products are also so-so like the pictures. Therefore, to stand out the competition, would you consider taking a high-end photo retouching service to convert your visitors into buyers?

Jewelry Retouching Services of Clipping Amazon

1. Background Cleaning & Removal

Background Removal

Photographers capture photos from different backgrounds. There might be marks of clay or any other specks in the backdrop. So, you have to clean these for a clear & sharp image. As for uploading the jewelry images on the website, you should prepare white background photos. That being the case, you have to sequester the background of the jewelry photo and interchange it with white background.

2. Props and Mannequin Removal

For jewelry photoshoot, there is a use of props and mannequins to make the jewelry straight for a perfect picture. These props are also needed to capture images from every different angle. An editor will isolate the props and mannequins from the jewelry image to prepare that to use for any purpose. Clipping Amazon’s designers can remove those mannequins and props carefully without ruining the jewelry photo.

Props & Mannequins Removal

3. Scratch & Dust Removal

There might be unwanted specks of dust and scratches on a piece of jewelry, it’s good not to worry, because we can help. Our jewelry photo retouching service includes digital sweeping. So, we can clean the dust and scratches and make it gorgeous and flawless.

4. Blemishes and Fingerprint Removal

During the photoshoot, you will touch a piece of jewelry quite a lot of times. There might be a fingerprint on the jewelry. This fingerprint will decrease the glamor. So, Cupping Amazon’s jewelry retouching services include the removal of fingerprints and blemishes from a piece of jewelry.

5. Unwanted and Distracting Object Removal

Sometimes there are objects that you prefer to be cleaned. We prefer to prioritize your preference and do the work for you.

6. Add Realistic Reflection

Adding realistic reflection to jewelry photos is a complex art. The reflection enhances the appeal of the jewelry. Reflection represents the product in such a manner that the buyers can’t move their eyes out of mesmerization. So, our jewelry retouching services include adding realistic reflection to the photos.

Reflection Service

7. High-end Jewelry Photo Retouching & Enhancement

A jewelry photographer attains his goal when his photographs not only please his clients but also client’s customers. So, to complete this goal you can take High-end Jewelry Photo Retouching & Enhancement service. Because with this service, we will ensure that the jewelry photo conveys its value and appeal.

8. Jewelry Shadow Creation

Shadows can add depth and dimensions to a 2D image and create a 3D effect. So, it takes expert eyes to create accurate shadows along with comprehensive knowledge of Photoshop and Lightroom. After that, the jewelry photos may look realistic and appealing.

9. Spot and Odd Reflection Removal

Our expert team uses Different tools like brush tool, pen tool to remove spots or inaccurate reflections from jewelry photos. Because spots and distracting reflections can decrease the marketing potential of the photos.

10. Adjust Lighting

Sometimes there is plenty of lighting, and sometimes there is short of lighting. Thus, to get the perfect shade and color, the jewelry images need the adjustment of lighting. Clipping Amazon uses Photoshop and Lightroom to fix and adjust the lighting.

Lighting Adjustment

11. Jewelry Color Correction

The jewelry color of the image may look different from color of the original piece. Our post-production service can fix that and put everything in the right manner. Besides that, Clipping Amazon offers this color correction service to recolor your product digitally. So, It will ease the task for you to exhibit various color options that are available in a specific type of jewelry. This will save you time and money to capture and edit a couple of images of the same model jewelry.

Jewelry Color Correction

12. Diamond Polishing

We all know that diamond is very unique in its own way. It shines and reacts differently in the light comparing to other stones. We offer a smooth Digital Diamond Polishing service to capture the sparkly intricate cuts of the stone.

Diamond Polishing

13. Shine Enhancement

With our shine enhancement technique, we can make sure that your jewelry will look as shiny as it is just been polished.

Shine Enhancement

14. Image Merging

For preparing catalogs or other marketing purposes, you may in need of combining various sets of jewelry photos in a single image. Apart from it, you may need a matching set of fine jewelry like necklaces, air rings, and bangles for instance altogether in one photograph. But in most cases, a specific piece of the best jewelry like a necklace, air rings, and bangles is captured alone. Therefore, our jewelry retouching services include image merging services to put these amazing photos together.

Image Merging

15. Focus Stacking

According to Wikipedia, “Focus stacking is a digital image processing technique which combines multiple images taken at different focus distances to give a resulting image with a greater depth of field than any of the individual source images.” We can blend multiple photos that have distinct parts of the jewelry in focus. So, With this service, we ensure to remove any blur elements from the photograph.

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We understand the needs and the pain points you face with your jewelry images. So, our target is to ease the pain of the entire jewelry industry by offering the solution to your pain points. We provide a Free Trial of the first two images to show you the sample of our work quality. Don’t hesitate to send us the Test Image

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